This long sleeve actually kept me cool on a hot day — Brunt Sun Hoodie

Summer is coming to a close, and my wife and I developed a sense of hurry regarding our backyard. We spent the summer watering it, treating it, and trying to get it to where we wanted to spend time. Part of this is not our fault, as we moved into this home less than a year ago. However, part of it is that we have not spent enough time slowly tackling projects like we thought we would this summer. So, as my premature trees begin to change color — even while it is still an average of 85 degrees midday — I decided to hustle. That’s where the Mckenna Sun Hoodie from Brunt comes into play.

As I began to knock out an entire summer’s worth of projects in a single day, I realized quickly that this would be a rather sweaty day. And while the high for the day was a mere 85 degrees, the humidity nearly matched 70% + humidity. That meant it was going to be a very sweaty day.

I chose to throw on my Brunt Mckenna Sun Hoodie to see how helpful wearing a long sleeve instead of a t-shirt could be.

At first, it felt wrong to be putting on long sleeves when it was already warm, and my t-shirt seemed like too much. However, I nearly immediately felt cooler once I put this long sleeve on. The heat radiating off my body was dramatically reduced thanks to the moisture-wicking material.

Once I got outside again, I could return to work on moving some landscaping rocks and quickly worked up quite a sweat. However, the breathable fabric made it to where I merely glistened rather than full-on dripped sweat.

After the rocks, I began pulling the weeds, trying to take over my entire property. At this point, the sun was beating down on me, which made me incredibly grateful for the built-in hood to help protect my neck and the built-in UPF 50+ sun protection.

After working all day in this long-sleeve, I truly appreciated the raglan sleeves, allowing ample movement while staying very comfortable and structured.

This long sleeve has proven to be just as good as advertised, no matter how counterintuitive it feels. I am thrilled to have this long sleeve in my arsenal, especially as I try and hustle to finish trimming my trees and knock out the rest of my projects this summer.