This office chair is exactly what I needed for my back (and my wallet)

I love when a product takes on the big hitters in their industry.

The Juniper Razor is a performance/task chair meant for modern times. 

It has all of the features you would expect from a chair that costs four times as much if not more. (Right now, it is available for only $442.) 

That means it is highly adjustable, in height, and with the lumbar support for your back. It tilts easily when you lean back and doesn’t have that jarring sense from a low-end chair you might buy at an office supply store.

And, it’s comfortable. That is the key for those of us who work all day and sit in front of a computer. A task chair might have tons of features and adjust to every angle possible in the world, but if it is not comfortable, none of that will matter.

I used the Razor for weeks at a time, and at the end of the day didn’t feel like my back was sore. The chair is comfortable enough for all-day work or in meetings, and it looks like much higher-end chairs from name-brand companies. (Most of those brands are charging you for the privilege of using that brand as opposed to the actual features and materials.)

Do firms like Teknion, Steelcase, and Herman Miller have anything to worry about? Sure they do. The price is reasonable, and the lumbar works roughly the same at supporting your back. 

I asked several people to look at the chair and tell me if it looks like all of those other task chairs, and no one said they thought it looks all that different.

Even assembling the chair was easy, with clear instructions and a few parts to put into place, but not exactly something that will take you hours on end.

The arms are also adjustable, and with a quick lever pull, you can pull the chair up or lower down to table heights that are not as tall as they should be.

The Razor supports weights up to 300 pounds. The material looked well constructed such that I imagine this chair could last a decade or more, even for those of us who move around a lot and don’t think too much about clunking into tables and desks on a daily basis.

I highly recommend it for those who don’t have the budget for the bigger names.