Fuse professional and awesome in the hybrid Mavix M5 Gaming Chair

The Mavix M5 Gaming Chair from the back facing a professional desk.
Credit: Mavix

Dear gaming world, I’m an aging gaming enthusiast who enjoys reading, watching, and playing games in my free time. I have a decent rig that I built myself, and I’ve tried to collect everything a gamer could hope for in the last year. This includes the perfect mouse, keyboard, monitor, and internal PC parts that will allow me to play just about any title using max settings. Yet, I have a problem, and I alluded to it in the first sentence – I’m getting older. This means the flashy designs, RGB backlighting, brilliantly colored “everything” don’t always align with my “maturing” nature. Don’t get me wrong. Some of it is cool and appealing, but when it comes down to brass tacks, I just want a solid performing product that doesn’t have to be such a show-off. Is that too much to ask? 

I don’t need or even really want to stand out. I want class, I want style, and I want comfort. More specifically, I want to be able to sit in a chair comfortably while I play, but I also want to be able to join a video conference call without looking like I’m about to drive a racecar. 

Mavix understands this desire and offers a variety of gaming chairs that nail down exactly what a growing number of gamers are looking for. According to their website, the chair’s design intends to “break the mold” of what’s popular right now. The result is a fun yet professional approach that anyone can take pride in owning. Their most affordable model, the M5, is designed so well ergonomically, it even helped reduce my migraines. 

When I first started working from home, I sat in a standard wooden kitchen chair. I occasionally tucked a blanket underneath to keep my rear from getting sore, I figured this would tide me over for the few weeks I planned to be at home. Obviously, it wasn’t enough. The headaches kicked in after about a week and they were in a word, unbearable. At the time I didn’t necessarily realize this was due to my terrible chair. I tried swapping to a La-Z-Boy style chair and things only got worse. Months (and a few bottles of Ibuprofen) went by before I realized the real issue. I needed a new chair. I snuck into the office and brought home my Herman-Miller Aeron office chair which helped immensely, but ultimately I still got headaches on occasion. Trying the M5 cured all of that. 

Whether gaming or working – your chair matters, and comfortability doesn’t always translate to healthy. My high-quality office chair helped relieve some of the woes I was feeling, but it still offers minimal lumbar support. The Mavix M5 addresses this issue head-on. I can adjust the armrests to three different positions and naturally the height of the chair itself. The backrest has a ratcheting system that allows for four different back height settings. This comes in handy as the lumbar support on the chair is great and sometimes feels better in different parts of my back. The seat can be adjusted forward and backward as well. 

I do not find myself often using the headrest (also adjustable), but on occasion when I need to stretch and lean back, it is nice to have. The headrest is removable for those who do not like it. Finally, there is a tilting mechanism that takes a bit of getting used to, but you can adjust the resistance to your liking and enjoy a great reclining feature. The ergonomics of this chair made all of the difference in my overall well-being. My headaches have not returned, and I can only hope this trend continues. 

Once I adjusted the chair to my liking, it felt incredibly comfortable. I much prefer it to the Herman-Miller chair (Which I still love) for work, and it helps keep me productive during long ten to twelve-hour workdays. The overall comfort of both chairs is apparent, but in the grand scheme of things, the Mavix chair feels better and still appeals to my inner-gamer. 

The M5 uses a mesh (again similar to the Herman-Miller chair) that is just the right amount of tension to feel great support and maximum comfort. The higher models like the M9 use a gel memory foam seat. I’ve never had a chance to sit in one of these, but I can say that I’m fully satisfied from a comfort level with the mesh. 

The only frustration with the chair happens when I stretch and sometimes the back ratchet adjusts up. If it is at its highest setting, it slides down to the lowest. Annoying? Yes. Easy to fix? Very. I just slide it back up where I prefer it and no harm is done. It comes with a twelve-year warranty, but you will want to look at the fine print as the warranty changes depending on the amount of time that goes by. 


If I’ve learned anything after trying out the Mavix M5 chair – it’s that there is finally a company that realizes gamers don’t have to have the gaudiest set up to enjoy their hobby. Mavix created the perfect hybrid chair – a fusion of professional and awesome. It reaches a broad audience with its sleek look, top-notch ergonomics, and comfort that will keep you gaming or working for hours on end. Think Herman-Miller but more affordable. The M5 still isn’t cheap, but it also doesn’t feel cheap. I’m excited to see what Mavix brings to the future of gaming as they win over more gamers with their approach. Happy gaming!

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