Logitech helps you master your productivity and workflow

I’m a long-time user of Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. They’ve always been the gold standard to me in a way. If something can’t do what I’m trying to accomplish better, easier, or faster than my Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse, I wouldn’t care for it. I loved being able to scroll right and left on my mouse, how slim and minimalist they were and how beautifully they worked with my Apple ecosystem.

Then it happened. Something was released that was so brilliant I had to know more. Logitech began to make their MX Master Series. While I was intrigued, I didn’t bite quite yet. I’m not sure why but I didn’t.

But then… Logitech went ahead and released the MX Master Series for Mac. If that’s not literally exactly what I wanted I don’t know what is.

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac Mouse and the Logitech MX Keys for Mac for a couple of weeks now and I must say, everything I hoped and dreamed this system would be has come to fruition — everything.

Credit: Logitech

MX Master 3 for Mac

Imagine a world where you can actually charge your mouse for your Mac and still use it. For (former) Magic Mouse users such as myself, this sadly was not a reality. Logitech saw this issue and put the charging cable in a logical place, coming out of the side facing away from us as users. Not only this, but to take another swing at the Apple fanatics, Logitech finished this “for Mac” series in Space Grey — checking another box on my wishlist.

Continuing with the MX Master Series prior, the scroll wheel is the perfect blend of ridiculously fast and remarkably precise. With a flick of the scroll wheel I can scroll 1,000 lines a second or click line by line. There is also a button allowing for clicking line by line or free scrolling — which I leave enabled because I like having the ability to click in on some programs.

Admittedly one of the biggest reasons I have stayed with the Magic Mouse for so long is because of my work in FinalCut Pro and Ableton Live. In those programs I scroll right and left more frequently than up and down. With most mice, there is no good way to scroll, leaving me searching for a bar on the bottom every other second. The MX Master 3 for Mac has a horizontal thumb scroll wheel allowing for precise and comfortable scrolling. Now I can scroll with ease, while staying ergonomically correct.

I never thought of myself as an ergonomic mouse kind of guy. Though now that I have used one, any time I switch to a standard mouse I can feel the tension on my wrists.

This is where the MX Master 3 for Mac begins to feel a little bit like it should take the name “Magic Mouse”. With no added software I can copy and paste between not only multiple computers, but multiple operating systems. Let me say that again, multiple operating systems. Now I’m a techy person — and this still astounds me. To take it even further in magic, Logitech has included a forward and back button that can be assigned to do whatever I want, for whatever device. So while connected to my iPad Pro, I have forward set to volume up, and back set to volume down. But on my MacBook I have it set to control a multitude of functions based on the app I am in.

The last huge feature I will mention is the Gesture Button. This is something that I thought would be far more difficult to use than I have found. I thought pushing a button there and swiping would result in me uncomfortably trying to slide my hand, but I have found the press with my thumb to be quite simple. Logitech has also included a list of presets for commonly used professional grade applications such as Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, and Premiere Pro, as well as web browsers and the Microsoft Office Suite — all of which can be customized to my liking.

As I touched on above, this isn’t even all of the amazing features built into my new favorite mouse. And yet it’s even better when paired with the below MX Keys for Mac.

MX Keys for Mac

Continuing with the ingenuity of a feature I still am blown away by every time I use it with the MX Master 3 Mouse, (the ability to copy and paste to multiple computers) my MX Keys follow my mouse. What I mean is when I copy from one computer to another, I’m not stuck trying to reconnect my keyboard to rename that file I just copied. Rather, my keyboard follows device to device allowing me to work in sync with the slightest of ease.

I have also noticed that Logitech has kept the space grey finish, as well as the Mac Keyboard layout. This is huge for me because I use the command keystrokes constantly. I even like to use Cheatsheets to find Command keystrokes I was unaware of to boost my productivity even more.

Regarding the keyboard itself I have found the rounded key edges remarkably satisfying to type on, as well as the matte coating. I also have come to expect and appreciate the smart illumination built into this keyboard. When I get close to my keyboard the keys light up, and then when I leave they dim and turn off allowing for better battery life. Better yet, they adapt to the lighting allowing for just the right amount of backlit illumination for every scenario.

The last feature, or element, of this keyboard I will mention is the weight. While this may not seem like a big deal at first glance of the specs, I can say that the overall hefty-ness of my MX Keys for Mac is a wonderful surprise. While unboxing this set I noticed the (seemingly) excessive weight immediately. However now having it on my desk, that extra weight adds to the stability and overall elegance I feel while using this device. I know that this keyboard is sturdy and will not break nor move with a slight push. I feel as though it is built for work and built for professionals, not built as a cheap keyboard to pick up at the local grocery store for basic use. This keyboard is built for those who need a solid keyboard they can trust — that I can trust.

I never thought it would make sense to review a mouse and keyboard as a combo. But I have been proven wrong with how harmoniously these two MX Master devices work together. It is truly remarkable and seamless, making me more productive and more efficient.