Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2 review: Running shoes with an unexpected surprise

Photo Credit: Under Armour

Great shoes make a huge difference. I’ve been kicking some Asics Running shoes for about 3 years now and am in dire need of an upgrade. They are heavy, dirty and worn to the point of embarrassment. I need tough shoes that keep me light on my feet. Shoes that can keep up with my three boys who often run circles around me during soccer matches. I need them to breathe. There is nothing worse than hot sweaty feet – particularly during a workout. Under Armour’s (UA) Flow Velocity Wind 2 shoes fit this bill, and I am thrilled to test them. They even come with an unexpected surprise. 

When UA’s new sneakers show up at my door, I immediately start dreaming. Childhood memories come flooding back as I open the box and smell the newness. I’m guessing they will make me run faster (wink). I look them over and they are flawless. The Tempered Steel/Yellow-Ray color option doesn’t disappoint. I examine the box to ensure I’m not missing any potential added accessory and notice the word “Bluetooth” written in the insert. 

Bluetooth shoes? Yes. I hop online to check out what I missed as I didn’t realize I was going to receive “smart shoes”. These shoes connect and monitor training progress with the Map My Run app. I use this app all the time anyway, so this comes as a welcome addition to my new kicks. I set up the app and the shoes take a few tries to get connected, but after several attempts they finally connect. Now I can monitor steps and distance even without my phone. Incredible. 

When I put my Wind 2’s on my feet, they feel a bit snug. I’m a size 10. I like my shoes snug at first in hopes they will stretch over time. Sure enough after a few days of wearing them, they fit perfectly. They feel incredibly lightweight and are a welcome addition to my closet. My initial tests begin by simply hopping on the treadmill at a pace somewhere between a walk and a light jog. This is when I can truly feel the difference in the material. The Velociti Wind 2’s are like wearing featherweight armor on my feet. They are so lightweight I feel like I can move that much easier. 

I didn’t realize just how heavy my old Asics were until changing into the Velociti Wind 2’s for a quick soccer match. With the Asics, I often struggled to make quick jukes and step overs without losing the ball. Even my kids are a bit in shock as I dart past them with a few tricks I’ve historically failed to beat them with. The shoes really do make all the difference in my quickness due to their weight, but how tough are they?

I’ve now had the opportunity to really wear the shoes to a variety of activities. Soccer has been the main event, and they’ve seen roughly twenty miles on the treadmill. I’ve tread through fine sand while at the local shooting range. They’ve been to Lincoln, Nebraska for a football game and through the stickiness of spilled soda. They’ve mulched an acres’ worth of leaves. How did they hold up? Pretty decently overall. I do notice a few threads starting to bunch near a lace hole, but I realize these shoes were designed first and foremost for running. My guess is kicking the soccer ball causes a bit more wear on the top than normal. They still look near new with a few creases forming in the lower rubber, and I haven’t washed anything but the bottoms due to the soda. 

All in all, if you find yourself desiring a new pair of shoes and you want something light with great foot support, breathable, and tough, Under Armour earns its title with the Flow Velociti Wind 2 running shoes. They will typically cost you somewhere between $119-$170. Under Armour even tosses in a year’s premium membership to Map My Run. Well played, UA. I’m sold.