Shhhh — the Whisper Bidet is the best tech you can get this side of Uranus

Okay, I’ve long debated how I am going to review the Whisper Bidet. First and foremost I was hesitant to even try it. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m shy and feel awkward talking in public about my bathroom experience. Maybe it’s because I have ten billion puns I want to use in what should be a serious article. We are a family friendly site though, so I’ll try to keep the toilet humor to a minimum (keyword try). 

Let’s face it though – everybody poops. It’s just I’ve now learned you can either feel clean and fresh after doing it, or you can hope that you aren’t uncomfortable later in the heat of the summer sun (yes, I’m aware there is a term for this – trying to be family friendly). Okay enough overview – let’s dive into the important crap. 

The Install

Whisper says this bidet will only take about ten minutes to install. Spot on. Everything I need comes right in the box with instructions that would make an Ikea fanboy cry tears of relief. It’s as simple as turning off the water and hooking up a new part then reattaching. There is some minor adjusting necessary to ensure the bidet is on straight. Otherwise, the install is ridiculously simple. It’s really that simple, and I have nothing more to say here. 

A tiny shower for your butt” 

That’s what Whisper claims their bidet is. And, well that’s exactly what it is. In hindsight (yup) I wish I would have gotten one of these sooner. In testing for a few weeks, I have found the bidet to reduce the need for significant amounts of toilet paper. 

After using the bathroom, I now typically only have to use about four to five squares on average. Now, I just need to get my six year old son to use it (he is terrified) and I’ll save about a roll a day, not to mention the nuisance of trying to unclog the toilet after his use.

It is a bit cold, and my first time using the Whisper was a bit of a shocker. I accidentally turned it to full blast right away and – let’s just say I felt like I was about to gargle toilet water. After a few uses however, I figured out the controls, and adjusted accordingly. I now refuse to use other bathrooms in my home. It’s hard to explain but using a bidet just makes me feel that much more clean and fresh. 

The Savings

As mentioned above, toilet paper use has now become minimal in my family. My oldest states he wishes there was a bidet on the other toilets as well. I typically use about 4 sheets per go. I highly recommend (and Whisper does as well) a higher grade TP for clean up. Rest stop TP just won’t cut it. 

The only reason for this is due to the fact that your backside is obviously a bit wet after use. TP that tears easily will not be optimal for cleaning up. Some people choose to use rewashable rags for this. I don’t think I could ever do that, but it would prevent the need for buying TP altogether. 

The “Bottom” Line

I’m converted. I am now annoyed when I have to use a toilet without a bidet. I highly recommend this or a similar device if you feel like this is something you can try. For those on the fence – get off the fence. What do you have to lose? It’s a worthwhile investment. I was initially hesitant to try this product out. Now, I can say I’m grateful I took the plunge (got one more in).