Vimazi has exploded onto the running scene – I check out their new Trail Z3 shoe

I like to dig for products that I can’t always find wherever I look. There are so many hidden gems out there. In the past year, I’ve discovered Vimazi. Vimazi first burst onto the running scene with their pace-tuned running shoes that received outstanding reviews. What I love about this company is their willingness to try new things with those who may not be as thrilled about taking their jog out on concrete. I’m a hiker by nature – it’s in my blood. At my age where I feel like I can’t last more than about twenty minutes on a treadmill, I somehow manage to be out for hours in the beauty of creation. It’s invigorating, and now with the Vimazi Trail Z3 shoes on my feet, I get the support I need too.

The Fit

When you order any Vimazi shoe, one thing you can count on is the true size. There won’t be any hesitation or questioning, just know they will fit. This is a relief for me as the biggest reason I tend not to shop online is because of the return hassle. I want my stuff to be perfect once it is in my possession. Naturally, the Vimazi Trail Z3 shoe is no different. I take them out of the box, and they are in perfect condition. I put them on my feet, and I go about my workout or day enjoying the comfort. They are true to size and fit my aching feet just how they should.

The Feel

Comfort indeed. The Vimazi Trail Z3 has quite the large heal. These shoes probably boost me an inch to an inch and a half in height. The shoe is designed and engineered for significant stabilization in the heal and a wide toe box helps give the comfort I mention. I’m a hiker more than I am a runner, and this is what makes the Z3 such a great option for me as it is versatile enough to be used for both. Like most Vimazi shoes, the Vimazi Trail Z3 is pace-tuned for a 10–16-minute mile. They are for casual runners taking long enjoyable strolls in the wilderness or state parks.

Wearing them gives me the confidence I expect with a high-quality shoe. I’ll be able to count on these for giving me amazing support regardless of what I use them for, and the options are endless.

The Fun

I tend to use these shoes for multiple circumstances. I’ve worn them on trails, I’ve worn them on the road, I’ve worn them for a quick run to the local hardware store. Sometimes it’s a drive to the hardware store. Now, I say this for a reason. Unlike some other running shoes, I feel like the trail runners are designed a bit more for everyday use. I don’t have to run in them. I can stroll or just plain chill, and that’s what makes them so much more approachable than the typical running shoe where I feel l have to keep them in the closet until I choose to venture out.

Make no mistake though, they are still in their element out on the trail, and they perform as advertised.


Running, jogging, or hiking, the Vimazi Trail Z3 shoe are a versatile delight. They won’t win any fashion awards, but they sure feel amazing on my tired feet. They are made for those who like to be outside in the grass and in the dirt and in the wild. I wish I had these when I traveled to Utah and Colorado just a few short months ago, but I suppose now I have another reason to go back.