Vimazi running shoe review: Workouts are better with pace-tuned shoes

My brother once told me that I need a good pair of running shoes if I want to enjoy my workouts. I scoffed a bit. Honestly, does it really matter if I’m wearing a crappy $60 pair of shoes vs. a true “running shoe”? After wearing a variety of shoes since then, I can confirm it does matter. A better shoe helps conserve energy and push runners forward. Vimazi sent me a pair of their new Z40 “pace-tuned” running shoes to prove this point, and I’m thoroughly impressed with how they feel and make me feel during and after my workouts.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Comfort matters immensely while jogging or running, and Vimazi spares no expense in their tech. The Z40’s are a wonderful and accurate/true to size fit (I’m size 10). If I have a shoe that slips in the heel (I have narrow heels) or if there is any minor shift in the shoe while working out, it can lead to severe discomfort and poor performance. Most runners have gotten the blisters from the friction of a poor shoe/sock combo. We’ve felt the heat in our toes and experienced the blackening of toenail tips, and while these are subtle reminders of a healthy lifestyle, they can be painful.

I can safely say there is no issue with these kicks when it comes to friction or slipping. They are easily the most comfortable running shoe I have with a noticeable difference in the heel cushioning. This is exactly what the company has aimed for. Their website promises comfort and forward propulsion in my run due to the “slightly firmer” forefoot and “rocker design”. The Z40‘s are designed with a pace of 6:15 to 7:45 minutes per mile. While I don’t have another pair of Vimazi’s to compare the fit to, each shoe is designed to give the proper propulsion for your specific pace allowing you to conserve energy and feel better. A faster pace would mean a different design to maximize energy and pace efficiency.


Okay. I think you get it by now. They feel great, but how do they perform? In short, I love them. While wearing these, I feel like I can “keep on going” just a bit longer. My legs don’t feel the exhaustion during runs compared to the Asics I’ve used in the past. Most of my running has taken place on a treadmill (I live in Minnesota) but I so look forward to getting outside this spring. This doesn’t mean I’m not exhausted after the trek, it just means I feel like I have more to give during it. I’m curious to how another pair tuned to a slower or faster pace would feel during my runs, and if Vimazi sends another pair, I’ll be sure to update.

The shoes are also balanced at just the right weight. I recall switching from generic Asics to a decent pair of Under Armour running shoes awhile back, and I couldn’t believe how much lighter I felt on my feet. The Vimazi’s are a touch heavier than the UAs, but overal they feel just right. I don’t feel like bricks are strapped to my feet, and they allow me to get my legs pumping at the right height instead of a “slog”.


The shoes feel great, and they perform above my expectations. I do have one problem though. My wife and son can’t stand how they look on me. That’s not to say they are ugly. It just means the style and color scheme of the Z40’s don’t fit my personal style. I’ll admit, I wish there were more style options per pace-tuned running shoe. I like the look of the upcoming Z30s the best, but there is currently only one option per pace for style design. Many runners may not care, but I tend to use my shoes for multiple purposes. Maybe I’m not a true runner and these need to be used solely to do just that. Or maybe Vimazi should offer more style options. I’m over it – these are still awesome and serve their purpose well.


Vimazi’s pace-tuned running shoes deliver on comfort and performance. They help my physical energy levels throughout my workouts. They fit better than other shoes I’ve tried and the tech behind them isn’t just fluff. While I wish additional styles were available per shoe option, they serve the purpose they set out for. For those looking to get improve or maintain pace with optimal comfort and energy conservation these will fit the bill nicely.