Vitality Cloud II Jacket review: Cloud-like comfort

Have you ever looked up at the clouds and wondered if that white, puffy substance is soft to the

Well, maybe not — but you can undoubtedly try something close in this soft, 84% recycled
nylon Cloud II Jacket.

Made from sustainably sourced material with a highly advanced design geared to be worn for any season or occasion. For the occasion of my choice, I chose to pull out my Cloud II Jacket on a road trip to Colorado.

Before packing, I knew I wanted a jacket that would be breathable and cozy for my 16-hour drive ahead of us. The Cloud II Jacket was everything I needed and more on my trip. The material felt so smooth and soft to my skin that I barely remembered it was on, even when the weather hit 92 degrees outside.

The jacket is designed to “show off your figure,” but have I mentioned how insanely soft it is? Not only did I put on my Cloud II Jacket for the long drive, but it quickly became an instant grab whenever I headed out for a run.

It has two pocket holes on the trim for your thumbs to help the jacket cling to your body. I’m not always a fan of thumb holes in a jacket, but the material conceals the slip easily from view.

As far as the fit goes, this could be considered a crop-top jacket, but in my size
of medium, the material landed just above my waistband. What I loved most about this jacket was
the color — concrete. Vitality offers an abundance of color ranges, all designed with function and wearability in mind. The concrete shade was a rich mix of deep gray and purple to my eyes.

Based upon my opinion, the color range of the 2023 collection has a simple yet well-thought-out design, because it can be chosen as athletic or everyday wear. I wore this on a 16-hour car ride, and again I reached for this jacket on a mountain hike to see how it would feel in different terrains.

Due to the wind-resistant fabric, the jacket kept me warm in the mountain breeze but cool under the blazing sun. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about sweat marks since the material is sweat-resistant, and yes, this proved true in the heat.

The design works so well as an athletic jacket but also for everyday use. As a more casually dressed girl, I love to wear this jacket during my errands and when I dress casually for work.

I feel confident pairing this jacket with my white tank top and basic denim jeans with sneakers, but you can wear this jacket however you desire.

With the spring season now in session, I have reached for this jacket more than any other because the material is as soft as a cloud. It’s a great fit for me.