Logitech Litra Beam review: The key light for a great streamer

I am proud of my desk arrangement. Everything on my desk has gone through careful consideration. I have a custom desk with two monitors, enough space to have some speakers, and house my PS5. Of course, I have RGB everywhere, but I also noticed I could use a little natural-colored light. The Litra Beam is the answer to my needs. Lighting is key to making your videos look great. This premium LED streaming key light with TrueSoft is Logitech’s answer for any creator who wants to show off their good side. I think it shows off my good side quite nicely.

Out of the box, you will get the Litra Beam Light, a desktop mount, a USB-C to USB-A cable, and a manual. I thought Logitech did a good job of making the unboxing reveal feel premium. If someone had given me the box with no preconceived knowledge, I would have actually thought the MSRP was more than $99.99. For that price, the Litra Beam is a great value.

The light itself has five brightness levels and five color temperature settings, which range from 2700K to 6500K. You can get the warmth or the coolness look you are going for with those settings. Personally, I have always been a fan of warmer tones. I like to feel like I’m in a warm environment. Logitech says they have this “TrueSoft” technology, but it is just fancy jargon to say the light is color-accurate. They haven’t done anything new and groundbreaking, so just beware that this is just language embellishment. As someone who works in videography, I am pleased with the spectrum.

There are controls for all the settings mentioned above on the back of the Litra Beam. This is my biggest gripe with the Litra Beam. I wish the controls were on the base of the light. I will never control the light from the physical buttons due to the inconvenience of doing so. For remote access, you can download Logitech’s free G Hub desktop app and connect via USB or Bluetooth to the Litra Beam. Here, you can adjust the temperature and brightness, create saved profiles, and allow you to select a setting for the light to come on whenever your camera is on. I keep my light on at all times, but for streamers and creators, I think this is a nice little addition.

My biggest concern before using the light was how the diffusion would be. Working with video, I learned that “softer” light creates a more complimentary look on the subject’s face. Without diffusion, it creates a “hard” light with hard shadows. Frankly, it either looks very dramatic or very bad. For video calls and streamers, it looks terrible. I’m pleased to say I think Logitech did a great job with the diffusion in such a small LED package. Logitech boasts a proprietary precision optics lens with a bunch of math and geometry engineered to diffuse the light as softly as possible. Angles are important, and the Litra Beam gets it right.

I like the mount. It’s sturdy, and the plastic is more heavy-duty with a smooth finish. There are multiple ways to fix the light on the mount. I can set it vertically and horizontally, as well as adjust its angles. Because of how thin the light is, it fits tight right above or close left or right of my monitors. I prefer an off-angle light setup. It has enough height for a down and to-the-left look, which I prefer. There is also built-in cable management to help keep my desk clean of wires.

For an MSRP of $99.99, I am very happy with how the lighting looks across my webcam for interviews, streams, and more. There are just enough features to allow more control over other lights. I love being able to control the color temperature through the G Hub desktop app. Logitech is making great products across the board and the Litra Beam for streamers gets a thumbs-up from me.

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