We would talk about Bruno – if he were this comfy

My son is absolutely obsessed with the movie Encanto. He has watched it non-stop multiple times a day, for weeks now. He sings along with the songs and he starts trying to lift the couch during the strong songs for Louisa.

One of my favorite things that he does though is that during the song “We don’t talk about Bruno”, my son will re-enact Bruno’s facial expressions and hunched-over demeanor — occasionally even with the help of a prop to look more “realistic”.

Fast forward to the moment that my son opened a package from the Comfy. He tore open the packaging to reveal the Comfy Original Jr. in the Galaxy color. He laughed with joy and immediately asked to watch Encanto.

At first, I did not think anything of it. He watched along while snuggled up in a surprisingly wonderful kids wearable blanket — hey wait don’t I remember this from Shark Tank? I digress — Then we got to the song. The famous and ever-so-adored song, “We don’t talk about Bruno”. My son nearly squealed with excitement and jumped up showing me that this blanket draped over him with the hood up made him look like Bruno.

Ever since, this blanket has been his “Bruno Blanket”.

Beyond bringing my kid a moment of pure joy, this wearable blanket has been a warmly welcomed addition to our living room and beyond. It has become a go-to blanket to cuddle up with (or in) and watch a show, movie or play a game, and it has also become a costume to play in.

My son loves everything from the pockets to the sleeves, the hood, and the Color. Additionally, he has found a hundred ways to use this in his day-to-day life. I have found him trying to nap while wearing this blanket, playing in this blanket, watching shows in this blanket, and more.

While I know that not everyone has a newfound love for Encanto, I think that everyone can find a place in their life for the Comfy. I’ll probably never wear this to Target, just to be honest. But what I probably will do is bring this on every road trip, camping trip, backyard hangout, etc.

The Comfy actually has quite a few incredible features. First up, it has a huge okay hood that is designed to even be a great pillow. From the first experience, this works wonderfully. Next up, they have a “marsupial” pocket. This pocket is designed to not only keep hands warm but to hold electronics, Cheetos, chinchillas, a kitten, or a graphing calculator. This pocket is quite large and is perfect for carrying whatever you have with you that you need to carry.

We love our Comfy, and while I personally am not a huge “warm blanket” kind of person, and sometimes a blanket is only going to make me spontaneously combust, the rest of my family loves the Comfy for all of what we talked about above.

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