What my kids and I found to end our lockdown boredom

A little girl learning using BumoBrain on the computer while writing her notes on the tablet.
Credit: BumoBrain

My three children, ages 6, 4, and 3, have been spending the majority of the last year at home. Between lockdowns, rules limiting how many people can be together, and many months of closed activities and canceled kids groups, we were looking for something to add a little excitement to our lives

BumoBrain definitely provided that last week. 

BumoBrain is an educational platform that provides live videos on a wide range of subjects for children ages 6 months to 7 years old. Each class is $25. There is also a monthly subscription where you have the option of including a materials box for $99 per month, or you can go without the box for the monthly fee of $49. 

Classes are billed month to month, or one can also pay $25 per class (perhaps to try out a new one, for example). The classes are 30 minutes each, twice a week. I found the classes engaging, interesting, and full of learning. 

Another popular and super cool option is their foreign language program for ages 3-7. At $199/month, students get to participate in 30-minute classes twice a week and receive assignments and projects outside of the live class time. 

The languages available were really exciting to me. As of March 1st, BumoBrain will be offering classes in 10 different languages (Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Tagalog). 

With a limit of 6 students per class, such an intimate setting can really give young children the opportunity to genuinely learn another language in a fun atmosphere.

A few examples of other live classes are Dr. Kid, Beginning Speech, and Sticky Stem. Though there are over 50 more classes to choose from!

The class we participated in was Earth Science with Jackie, held via Zoom. The subject that day was blizzards. Not only did we get to learn about blizzards, see interesting photos, and answer questions; we even got to make our own blizzard in a mason jar. The supplies required were a small mason jar, baby oil, glitter, white paint, and Alka seltzer. Adding the Alka seltzer allows the paint to rise and create a stormy-looking scene when fizzing through the baby oil. 

My kids had a blast! I was particularly fond of how age-appropriate I found the class. The activity wasn’t too hard for my three year old with some help, but was still engaging for my almost seven year old. 

The benefits of learning, especially learning a foreign language at a young age, are astronomical. Not only does learning a foreign language make us more appreciative of cultural differences, but research also shows it makes us more creative and increases our cognitive abilities. 

Learning, in general, is so important for young children. It teaches patience, creativity, the building blocks of academic success later on, and important social skills when done in group settings. 

BumoBrain provides all of that and more. My kids learned something last week, got to engage with other kids after many months without school or preschool, and were still playing with their homemade blizzard days later. 

The foreign language program is a particularly wonderful and well-put-together option for beginning the wonderful challenge of foreign language acquisition. For people homeschooling this year, or missing out on their usual activities for their toddlers and preschoolers: BumoBrain is a really great option. BumoBrain puts the fun in and takes the stress out of learning!

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