Work smarter, with less tools — Gerber Multitools

Gerber CenterDrive Multi Tool

I hate looking for four or more separate tools for minor jobs only to find out I left them at the house, garage, or barn. What should take me all of 5 minutes just took me 15 or more minutes to solve a quick issue. The Gerber Centerdrive multitool helped me solve that issue on my belt. I repaired fuel lines on the tractor and replaced a solenoid to come back in the house and take off outlet covers so my wife could paint. While I waited to put the covers back on, I was able to cut, splice, and crimp cables.

The thing was solid too, and easy to work with! I never worried about torquing it too much, pinching fingers, or taking my gloves off. This is the perfect all-around tool for every small random job. This isn’t your tool if you want a small and compact multitool. It’s a bit bulky with the case, but that might be a standard for a multitool. While I could get the jobs done, I only used it when I did miscellaneous work. When I worked in the fields, garage, or barn, it was with me, but it wasn’t with me throughout the day.

If you want sleek and daily wear, this model won’t be a good fit for you. However, suppose you are looking for the ability to have every standard bit size available, heavy-duty pliers, the ability to work on your house, vehicle, tractor, and even the occasional field dressing with a nice sharp blade. In that case, I would for sure recommend this. I kept it right on my belt and didn’t worry about losing anything in the leather case. Call me thankful as I could stay efficient by completing my jobs without going back and forth from the tool chest or carrying a bulky tool bag everywhere. You can’t beat American-made standards! If you need something for everyday work or even just a kitchen drawer screwdriver, make the investment and make one purchase.


I got this knife hoping it would be a nice one to have while I was out scouting, hunting, and hopefully harvesting this fall. I used It a couple of times within the first month and was pleasantly surprised. It worked well for building tinder and cutting baling wire in the barn. To my surprise, I was able to clean a couple of small game harvests without sharpening them. The grip was excellent even when wet, and the size of the knife and handle was great for field dressing. It even snapped through small bones. This is a winner if you are in the market for a great blade while you are out in the fields. 

While the knife is great, storage and carrying proved to be a little… interesting. I never was able to find a good way to put the knife clip in my pocket to ensure it would never fall out. So, it ended up in my bag most of the time, and I never had to worry about losing it. If you want a pocket knife, this probably isn’t the one for you. If you need something for camping, hiking, or even deer camp, this is an excellent Gerber-made tool, so you won’t have to think twice about it. You can’t beat the warranty either!