You can find Third Mind on my mind from here on out

A man wearing his Third Mind shoes as he walks up the steps in a suit.
Credit: Third Mind

“What are those?” “They look so comfortable!” “Those are awesome!” “I love your shoes!” “Where can I get some?”

Finding a good pair of dress shoes is no easy task. At least not for the average person. We — as those who are not swimming in cash– need to pick a pair of dress shoes carefully because we know that it will be a pair of shoes that we will keep for a very long time.

I love shoes, I love taking care of them — yes I clean my shoes. I enjoy finding the right shoe to go with what I am wearing that day, or for whatever event is coming up. I had been in the market for a black dress shoe for some time and I was finally narrowing down on a handful of brands and types I like.

Then I found Third Mind Shoes. Immediately, I was hooked and knew I needed to try some out. I loved the vision of the company, the support they give to reducing emissions, and to those who missed their weddings in 2020.

I absolutely love these shoes after wearing them every day for a few weeks. They allow for my feet to breathe while still looking put together. I have found them to be very comfortable, especially compared to other dressy shoes I have. I love that I can wear these with work slacks and look great, but I can also wear them with jeans and dress up any shirt.

A man walking down the stairs wearing his Third Mind shoes.
Credit: Third Mind

While it was not planned, I have worn these in the rain. My feet stayed surprisingly dry — though not entirely dry. I also have run quite a bit in these shoes from place to place without any discomfort.

I love that I can slip these on quickly on my way out the door without even needing to re-lace if I don’t want to. This is thanks to the smart tongueless design. I thought at first that I wouldn’t love this design though over time I have come to appreciate it. However, if I want to get a tighter fit the laces still allow for a tighter feel.

Having these shoes in my arsenal has elevated my shoe game as well as my confidence when getting dressed. I plan to keep these as my comfortable dress shoe go-to for quite some time.