Your home may feel filthy, but Dyson’s new laser tech can help

Lasers to illustrate the Dyson V15 Laser tech within the vacuum.

It is time to face a harsh reality. We have been spending more time inside our homes than ever before. There are more meals happening in the home, which means more dishes to be done and more messes to clean (especially if you have kids). In fact, your very presence and frequency in the home are creating problems. This means more dust and skin particles are floating around or hiding in dark corners than any of us care to think about. Dyson believes it is time to up our cleaning game and is introducing a brand new product to help us out. 

Just when we thought we had this vacuuming thing down, Dyson is showing us there is much more to it. Dyson’s brand new vacuum cleaner, the V15 detect, uses brand new laser technology to reveal just how much dust is still on your floors. The new laser tech is designed to allow you to “see the invisible dust” that the naked eye cannot normally pick up. From pictures, it looks like a green-hued light that highlights the dust particles for you. People typically assume the job is getting done because the dust bin gets full. This product aims to tell us where to spend more time vacuuming to ensure a deep clean. 

The laser doesn’t eliminate the dust per se, but it does light the way for you to see the particles you missed. This will allow you to spend additional time vacuuming ensuring every last particle is sucked into oblivion. This is brand new territory for the vacuum world as many vacuums simply have a headlight feature to help light the way in the dark corners of your home. 

For those that wish the V15 eliminated the dust with the new laser, there is another feature that may give you hope. The new “piezo sensor” actually detects and monitors the size and volume of dust particles and tells the vacuum when to add additional suction power. 

Both the new V15 and the 2019 model, the V11, have LED screens allowing you to select cleaning modes and various settings. Again, the V15 display will allow you to select a variety of modes and lets you know how much battery life is left in the vacuum. It also highlights what has been sucked up “giving you real-time scientific proof of a deep clean”. The only thing it seems to be missing at this point is the ability to watch an episode of your latest binge-worthy show while you vacuum. 

This may seem like a lot of technology for a vacuum, but there are still additional features. The V15 also includes anti-tangle tech to prevent hair tangles in the brush, a hair screw tool that forces hair into the bin, tech that adapts power based on the floor type being cleaned, and a whole lot of portability to ensure you can reach just about any spot in your home. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these laser-based vacuum cleaners, it will set you back about $700 bucks. As of right now, the vacuum is out of stock on the website, so you may need to check back early and often. Dyson has also released a few more additions to their family including a new larger Dyson Outsize model and the Dyson Omni-glide, but the new laser tech is only featured on the V15 and the Dyson Outsize Absolute+ models.