Stay warm in winter or spring with Backcountry’s Wolverine Cirque Hooded Jacket

A man wearing his blue Wolverine Cirque Hooded Jacket by Backcountry.
Credit: Backcountry

Minnesota just saw a one-hundred-degree swing in temperature within a few weeks. In my area, we went from roughly negative forty degrees to sixty-two degrees as a high. My kids were wearing shorts outside on the warmest day of the year so far, but this won’t last. I’ve learned over the years never to trust Minnesota weather – particularly in March, the snowiest month of the year. It teases your very soul with warmth like the temps mentioned above only to crush your hopes and dreams. Even as I write this, a fresh coat of snow (albeit a dusting) covers the grass of my lawn. 

The weather is volatile this time of year, 2021 is certainly no exception, and most of the United States learned this in a harsh manner. It is essential to have a good coat that keeps you warm whether in the North – where it is doubly essential or in the south – just in case. I was able to get my hands on Backcountry’s Wolverine Cirque Hooded jacket, and this coat is the best of both worlds. 

Comfortability and Warmth

Why I live in Minnesota never ceases to amaze me. It is truly a love-hate relationship. I would argue the beauty and temperatures of the summers here are the best in the country. The problem is, they don’t last long and the winters are long. A jacket that can handle freezing temps and is also comfortable in the warming spring months is hard to come by. When I find one, I embrace it. The Wolverine jacket really fits the bill here. It simply offers the best of both worlds. When I wear it, I can’t help but notice the amount of warmth it provides for the minimal bulk it contains (I tried it out in temps between ten and twenty degrees). I prefer this coat to the Backcountry Parka simply because it hugs my body and doesn’t get in the way of what I want to do. 

I own a NorthFace shell, that is great for the fall and spring, but it isn’t insulated as well as the Backcountry jacket. I would still recommend wearing something heavier beneath the coat in the winter months. I tend to wear long-underwear, a hoodie, or sometimes both depending on just how cold it is. This past weekend, it was roughly fifty-five degrees, and I had to take the coat off while I was chopping wood. It just got too warm. It was perfect for just hanging out or taking a walk. 

Style and Fit

The jacket offers a bit of “puffiness”, but it doesn’t make me look like the Michelin Man like some popular jackets do. The exterior is smooth and thin, and I like the way it fits without any compromise. One important note, I tend to fit in medium gear, and the medium was simply too tight for me. Switching to a large fit me perfectly. I order and wear medium outfits for North Face clothing and just about any brand of t-shirt without issue if you need a reference point. The hood is adjustable and fits well for windier days. I prefer to wear it tight in wind but leave it a bit more loose for snowy calm days – draped over a stocking cap. The overall look gives off a great relaxed sporty yet professional vibe. I find myself tossing this coat on instead of my heavier coats now simply because of the fit. I have another Carhart jacket that I love, but this just feels better overall. I’ll reserve the Carhart for the sub-zero temps. 


The Backcountry Wolverine Cirque Hooded jacket is a puffy coat that bucks the ugly puff jacket trend. It is sure to hug your body close and keep you warm and comfortable. It is a winter/spring jacket hybrid that is sure to be a seasonal favorite for those who like the outdoors. It is a great alternative to a heavier winter jacket for those who may not need a full-blown winter coat all year long. At the time of this writing, the jacket is on sale as we approach spring. It cannot come soon enough, and when it does, I’ll be aptly prepared for any temperature with this trendy new jacket from Backcountry.

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