Your standing desk just got an exciting new friend named the Whirly Board

Although I was a dancer for 15 years, I tend to be a little…off balance. This issue was intensified when I went through some health challenges that resulted in some significant neuropathy in my feet. I literally have trouble feeling my feet and when you have this issue, your balance is quite compromised. I’ve been known to fall to the ground because I didn’t feel my flip flop slip to the side of my foot. Yes, this really happened and I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet. Anyway, I’ve been trying to find ways to increase my balance and I discovered the Whirly Board. What I really liked when I found this was that it could be used for a number of things and across all ages. 

The Whirly Board is a balance board that was created so that people could have a different, fun way to get exercise and build some fundamental skills (like balance, agility, quickness) just about anywhere (e.g., home, office, gym). The board has a skateboard deck that is approximately 32” long and 8” wide. On the bottom, there is a half-sphere in the middle and smaller half-spheres on each end.

I thought it would be fun to use with a standing desk as a balance board ($150) while I work. This has not happened yet as I am NOT skilled on the board yet! I’m still working on it and I have confidence that I’ll master it and be able to use it while working…eventually. I didn’t invest in the Whirly mat ($50-$70) because I’m using the board on my carpet but can see how having the mat to protect the board and hard floors would be beneficial. How cool, though, that I can exercise my core, hips, and balance while getting my work done at the same time!

Until I master standing on the Whirly Board and working at the same time, I’ve decided to try the Whirly Board workout on YouTube. It’s fun and does a good job of getting my heart rate going. Plus, the instructors offer modifications so most people can participate.

I haven’t had any children try out my Whirly Board yet, but it seems like a great way for them to burn energy and improve their motor skills in a fun and engaging way. I will say that the price tag seems a bit steep to me. Since there are a variety of different ways I can exercise for free, spending $150 on a balance board seems more like a luxury than a necessity. However, it is a lot of fun and I can see how many of my family members and friends could use it (especially on rainy and snowy days!).