10 products to make winter camping more bearable

A man standing on a mountain.

Winter camping is my vibe. I love heading out into the wild, finding a remote spot, and then setting up a camp in an area where most people would not like to visit. I took a book-writing trip right before December and tested out all of this gear over several days.

1. Wonderffle Waffle Maker

Using a waffle maker over a campfire is not easy, but this all-in-one cooker does the trick. I liked how easy it was to use a pre-made recipe and cook up waffles in minutes.

2. Goal Zero Torch Flashlight

At 300 lumens, this flashlight was bright enough to find my way around on a trail. It also doubles as a charger for just about anything, including my iPhone and iPad.

3. Hest Pillow

I was amazed how easily this pillow folded up into a sack, and yet it was big enough for sleeping in my tent and not wishing I had brought my full-size pillow.

4. Patagonia 3L Torrentshell Jacket

Because I went in mild temps, I used this protective shell around the campsite and didn’t think too much about getting wet (it protects you instantly from snow and rain).

5. Benchmade Tengu Flipper Knife

Benchmade makes the best knives, and this one came in handy for slicing open food parcels and even carving up a stick to use for tie-downs with my tent.

6. Sierra Designs Hammock

What I liked most about this hammock is the price. At only $29.99, it works just as well as the spendier models at those fancy sporting goods stores.

7. Just Pour Coffee

A brilliant idea for a coffee subscription, these all-in-one pour-over filters have the coffee inside. You tear a strip and make the coffee using boiling water.

8. Ignik Heater Stove

I loved cooking using this camp stove, which can use the Ignik Gas Growler. You can cook over it or use it for warmth on cold nights.

9. Big Agnes Big House 6 Tent

A massive tent with a portable heater inside works wonders in winter. The larger space will get nice and toasty in mild winter temps, and you have room to move around.

10. Luno Air Mattress

A smart option if you want to camp in your car (with or without the engine running for heat). This mattress can be customized for your make and model.