Ombraz can save you from the dangers of working from home

The special clear blue blockers from Ombraz laying out on a log next to an axe that has been stuck into the wood.
Credit: Ombraz

WFH? If you know what it stands for then, you are probably a part of the club. Working from Home gives us a lot of reasons to pick a home rather than an office. It also warns us about work-life balance and how to handle it all in one place. What do you do if your WFH office is now your kitchen, bedroom, and a movie theater simultaneously?

Social interactions and drinking coffee with colleagues is no longer a part of a typical work routine. A new dilemma for the WFH crowd now is how to take care of ourselves to remain productive and healthy. If you do it all online, you already spend 6 to 8 hours a day on your computer. How is that working out for your eyes?

According to the American Optometric Association, uncorrected vision problems can increase the severity of computer vision syndrome. This syndrome is also called digital eye strain which comes from continuous use of screens. They make your eye muscles work harder that causes headaches and blurred vision. In other words, if you don’t protect yourself from a high contrast display, you will contribute to the development of visual problems.

Visual problems are not always as severe as hallucinations, but you should consider computer glasses that block blue light. The Blue Light coming from your screen negatively affects your eyesight in the long run. The special clear blue blockers from Ombraz work as a yellow filter that decreases the toxic contrast of blue. The engineers at Ombraz have increased safety for the WFH crowd.

If you are in your mid-20s, you might not worry about your health as your body will forgive your mistakes. If you’ve crossed into middle age, your vision will start reflecting your lousy work habits. Let me tell you a secret. A human eye is not very good at blocking harmful blue light. The blue exposure prematurely ages your eyes.

How are these blue lenses different from any other blue light glasses? The difference comes from the frame of the glasses and a built-in cord. Surprisingly, Ombraz got rid of hinges, sidearms, and screws. And, the Ombraz glasses have a new patented string that won’t let them slip off your head. You just pull beads to tighten the cord or pull the cords directly to loosen.

If working on your laptop has become your new routine, why would you need glasses that don’t fall off? Doesn’t work from home usually mean being steady for hours and not moving anywhere else? Even if you do the job at home, it doesn’t mean your glasses’ sidearms won’t break. Simply, if you don’t have them, there is nothing to break. 

It’s similar to having a car. If you do, you know what I’m talking about: maintenance, gas, parking, insurance, and more. If you just use a metro, you won’t worry about getting a speeding ticket. These glasses are like metro — worry-free. 

Can you notice a daily difference wearing them? The answer is yes. I found myself with a better ability to concentrate. I didn’t need to take frequent 5-minute breaks to work on my eye fatigue. So it affected my productivity. I could do the same amount of work but in less time. It almost works like an investment. Wouldn’t that be nice if your company refunded you for these glasses?

What’s more important is what comes after work hours. The ability to focus is always important just like off-work life balance. After the long days, I hated the headache and couldn’t fall asleep for another hour or two. The stress I was putting on my eyes is not a problem now.

Okay, what if I am “old-school” and still go to the office? Actually, some offices encourage high energy and extreme multitasking. With these glasses, you will never forget where you left them whether in a conference room or at your desk table. You won’t need to search for them anywhere. Since your Ombraz glasses are on a string, you will always find them on your head.