Anker just solved your desk’s wire mess with this charging station

Anker powerport atom 3 slim 
desk organization power charging station
Credit: Anker

I am a very particular person. I care more than most people about organization and keeping my spaces neat and tidy. 

My car is always clean inside and out, my main gear bag has designated pockets for every gadget, and I organize my shoe rack in a way only I understand. I am even particular about which hat I wear for certain occasions.

In my mind, this is a positive personality trait. However, my friends often mock me for being too particular.

My need to organize in a certain way doesn’t change when it comes to my desk. With so much gear, it is especially difficult to stay organized in the way I desire. I feel like I have a million different cables going in every direction.

Ideally, I’d have my Anker PowerWave Pad 10W, 11” iPad Pro and JBL Charge 3 charging cables, and Amazon Echo Dot plugged in. Unfortunately, I only have one outlet near my desk.

I began looking for a solution to my problem that didn’t involve a standard power strip. I found that the Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports) does a great job confining most of my cables to just one power station. 

Running four cables from one location saves me from the constant frustration of swapping different cables as I need them. Also, my desk feels much more organized with everything plugged into one unit.

The Anker PowerPort, with its sleek design, fits nicely on the corner of my desk. It also comes with an adhesive strip that allows me to stick it under my desk or any other flat surface. This will be helpful if I run out of desk space or really want to hide my cables.

I have been using the 45W USB-C port to charge my iPad Pro and have found this charges much faster than the 18W charging block provided by Apple. I use the other three USB-A ports for random devices that need to be charged or constantly plugged in.

The Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports) has become a must-have addition to my desk. I truly don’t know what I would do without this device. Though it is hardly noticeable under the corner of my monitor, the Anker PowerPort makes a world of difference.

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