These outdoor string lights are unbreakable — and patriotic

Credit: Jasco

My family’s back deck has become somewhat of an oasis for me this summer. Spruced up with some new outdoor furniture and lots of tomato plants, their deck is much more peaceful than my cramped downtown apartment. Because I don’t have an outdoor space of my own, I decided to loan my new 24-foot Enbrighten Solar Light Bundle to them for testing. Already, the lights have livened up that space taking a nice deck to a whole new level of inviting. 

These lights are incredibly break-resistant. They took some hits during the unboxing and setup process, but not a single bulb cracked after all that jostling and clinking. Rather than the typical glass and wire design, these bulbs are crafted from a thick impact-resistant acrylic that’s nearly impossible to break. This material is much heavier than glass (which makes hanging them a little tricky), but the sturdiness and weather-resistance makes up for it. The bubbles within the acrylic bulbs also serve a purpose other than looking unique. They help to evenly distribute light so that every inch of your space glows.

My favorite feature of the Enbrighten Solar Light Bundle by far is their color and light pattern modes. With the click of a button (remote included) they can be set to over 10 different solid color modes as well as pulsing or twinkling mixed color. They even have holiday color options such as 4th of July (red, white, and blue) and Christmas (green and red). After the classic white light mode, aqua is a close second favorite of mine. Everyone has enjoyed shuffling through modes and watching the space light up in a colorful spectacle. 

Another great feature of these lights is their solar capabilities. Although they also come with a USB plug-in option, the included solar panel is environmentally friendly and perfect for lighting up an outdoor space. There are three different panel installation options included in the package. Their purpose and setup processes are detailed in the instructions. These options are provided for more optimal sun exposure depending on the location of the lights.  

Assembling the solar panel is simple but requires one tiny washer that just happened to get away from me during setup. Without this washer, it’s impossible to attach the panel to your chosen installation pieces. If you purchase these lights but can’t seem to figure out how to assemble the solar panel, you’re not crazy — just check the bottom of the box for that pesky washer.

With a day’s charge, the lights last about six hours. This is more than enough time to sit outside before the mosquitoes descend. If charge is an issue with the solar panel, the USB backup is always an option.  

Priced at $58, this 24-foot light bundle is somewhat spendy depending on one’s string light budget. Personally, I’d argue that their unbreakability and all the cool color modes make them worth the cost. Enbrighten also offers a $47 12-foot version of these lights which would be great for smaller spaces.

I’ve so enjoyed the Enbrighten Solar Light Bundle. These lights have completely changed the atmosphere of my family’s back deck, creating a warm and inviting hangout environment. I love that I can switch to another color mode depending on my mood with the click of a button. They’re sturdy and long-lasting and always end up drawing me back out to the deck to enjoy the summer sunsets.