A multitasker’s lifesaver… the BioLite Portable Charger

A person plugging their devices into the BioLite Portable Charger.
Credit: BioLite

It was an ordinary, long weekend trip to Phoenix with my daughter. After navigation to the airport, electronic check-in, an hour of first-grader games, two plane rides, an hour of in-flight email catch-up, some writing, checking new recipes, Pinterest and Facebook catch-up, first-grader onboard entertainment, and a bus ride to the rental car location… it happened.  We burst forth into the Phoenix sunshine from inside the dark rental car garage! We opened the windows and drank in the warm breeze! 

Just then a tidal wave of panic struck as I typed in our destination address… the doomsday message “LOW BATTERY”!  A flurry of questions blurted out as I searched my purse while pulling over at the first available gas station. “Honey, can you check in my backpack…can you open my suitcase… I need a cord… hurry please”. I had been to Phoenix before but the thought of navigating to where we needed to go without my phone was not a possibility.

After searching high and low for that charging cord I finally remembered I had packed my new BioLite Portable charger in my backpack! We were saved! I quickly plugged in my phone to the charger and away we went, crisis averted! I’m sure you too have experienced this panic at a most inopportune time! Just at the moment that you can’t be without your phone, that dreaded low battery message pops up. Coming in at just $49.95 the BioLite Portable Charger is the answer you’ve been searching for! 

If you multitask like me with 10+ tabs open on your phone while also switching between maps, Pinterest, and email, you will love this charger every time you drain your phone or tablet battery! The BioLite recharged my phone to a full charge in about 45 minutes a full three times before I needed to recharge the charger. The charge 40 model is the mid-sized model and it is the perfect size to keep in my purse or backpack without being too heavy or large. It is just under 6”x 3.2”. It has multiple charging ports – 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A quick charge ports, and it is FAA  flying compliant. This little portable charger was certainly worth its weight in gold for my trip. Trust me on this one and pick one up for the multi-tasking mom in your life- it’s something she may not splurge on for herself but she will use and love it!