A useful security camera with no extra costs? YES PLEASE!

Have you ever heard something outside at night that was slightly concerning?

I have too!

Most of the time its the trees in the wind, but other times I have been curious enough to go out with a flashlight and look. Not to mention, I have active toddlers who love being outside all the time, regardless of my desires.

Because I may be a “helicopter parent”, security products intrigued me. The ability to keep a watchful eye over everything, even when I physically cannot.

During my research, I came across Anker’s Eufy Security lineup. A name that I know I can trust (Anker), and until of recent wasn’t aware that they also make home security products. Up to this point I’ve had Ring devices, since being a homeowner and I thought I was okay but then:

I found out the secret

You don’t have to pay extra monthly for playback services with all mobile app-based home security systems!

Enter Anker’s Eufy Security products! Especially the Eufy Security 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera in 2k resolution with the optional solar panel!

First Impressions

I live in central Illinois on a ranch, so Wi-Fi is hard to extend everywhere I would like it to, including the kids’ playground and the barn with the animals. So outdoor cellular cameras are my only option for the application.

Unboxing was a breeze — 2 boxes that held everything in a nicely wrapped package. At first, I was slightly concerned due to a lot of small packets, but then realized each one was labeled specifically for different applications. And luckily the solar panel cable allows panel to be 12-13 feet away from camera!

Installation was overly simple. Here’s a word of advice, actually read the simple installation guide and it will take you all of 5 minutes if you have a drill ready to go because it tells you exactly what you need to know.

One thing that is truly great about this camera is that it is as simple as plug and play – Just read, install, and download the app from any app store for free.

What I appreciate

  • Simple Set up and App functionality. Plus, free playback!
  • The camera has great resolution, wide angle viewing (120 degree viewing) and onboard storage and battery.
  • A simple plug-in solar panel. It made it so I never had to charge, hardwire, or be concerned with battery life since I’ve installed! Panel also works with other Eufy security products.
  • Able to hear, speak, view, download footage, and turn on a small spot light through mobile app.
  • 1-Year warranty included
  • LTE enabled so I can go anywhere on my property with camera and panel without worrying about Wi-Fi signal.

What may be opportunities

  • Only two options for LTE service. AT&T or EIOTCLUB prepaid plans (luckily AT&T is what I needed).
  • No Wi-Fi option built in even if I could extend signal to camera.

Final Thoughts

Now, with everything mentioned above, I have been pleased with my experience with this security package. I’m hoping to continue to start swapping out my Ring devices and swapping for the Eufy options!

These items have helped myself, and my wife, feel much safer letting our kids out to play while we don’t have direct line of sight, and also in being proactive knowing what’s happening around the house when we are all asleep.