Aura Frames’ simple phone to frame feature connects you with your favorite moments

Photo Credit: Aura Frames

Nothing sparks memories like pictures. Unfortunately, all too often our best photos only spend a few moments on Facebook or Instagram, or sadly remain buried in our phone. Aura Frames unlocks those moments with its simple phone to frame feature design. The Aura Frame is a premium electronic photo frame. It delivers more than just photos – The Aura Frame connects you with your favorite moments.

The Aura Frame comes in a sturdy and classically fashionable box. (Which makes it perfect for gift giving.) In an age where it seems every company is skimping, shrinkflating, and cutting corners – it is refreshing to come across quality and attention to detail. Even if it is the packaging. I am instantly reassured that what I am opening isn’t some gimmicky knockoff electronic. It also gives me greater confidence that the product inside is both substantial and reliable. Not to mention, peace of mind if I am giving the Aura Frame as a gift.

Set Up:

Inside the box I find the Carver Aura Frame, a simple plug-in cable, and directions. Aura offers a variety of styles (Carver, Carver Mat, Mason, Mason Luxe, and Walden). Again, the packing is secure, well-ordered, and visually appealing. Everything exudes quality and craftmanship. The frame is solid, stylish, and well built. While the directions could not be simpler.

I plug in the frame… download the app, enter a pass key, and – Voila! I’m ready to add photos from my phone. I’m honestly a little shocked at how simple it is to set up. I select a few favorite photos and add them to the frame using the phone to frame feature. They instantly pop up on the frame (everything works over WiFi).


In the app I’m able to set the duration that each photo will stay on the screen before switching to the next photo. I can also adjust photo order, background, and Autoplay for videos. The Aura app has lots of additional features to control the frame and setup for my preferences.

The frame has its own features and allows me to like a photo, turn on sound for videos, or advance or go back to a previous photo. The frame also automatically adjusts to the brightness in the room, turning off when it’s dark and on when it senses light (this is a default setting which can be adjusted). Between the app and the frame – the Aura Frame has every feature I would want in an electronic photo frame. However, what I find is the best feature is the ability to invite others to share photos directly to my frame!


Additionally, I can order an Aura digital photo frame as a gift. I simply preload it with photos and add a gift message. I can even invite friends and family to share their favorite memories, too. Personally, I think this makes a tremendous gift to loved ones who live far away. I have the opportunity to add new photos, or even make surprise announcements. In so many ways it is superior to just texting a photo. This might just be the best present you could give a grandparent. With its simplicity to use, they don’t even have to be tech savvy. You can just send them the frame and send photos to the frame occasionally to brighten their day. It is a fantastic way to add to their photo catalogue of special moments and events that they may miss by living farther away. The Aura Frame is an amazing way to connect across distances, include others, relive memories, and share new ones!


Recalling precious memories is one of the pinnacles of the human experience. With the Aura Frame, you can easily relive your most cherished moments time and again with ease. The Aura Frame displays quality and craftmanship in every aspect from the packaging to performance. The Aura Frame is more than a picture holder – it is a perfect gift for sharing moments with loved ones, or simply relishing them yourself. The quality, simplicity, and feature phone to frame design make the Aura Frame a must have for just about everyone. Aura Frame, from phone to frame – your favorite memories beautifully displayed!

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