Garmin Approach CT10 sensors put me in the know

I love to golf, but honestly, I am a rather poor golfer.  Let’s just say this, I wouldn’t prefer to have my rounds posted in the clubhouse. Despite the agony of bad golf, I enjoy getting out and chasing the little ball with the best of them. I hear again and again, “it’s that one great shot that helps you forget all the other really bad shots and keeps you coming back”. Too true. I’d just like to hit more great shots. The thing I continually need to work on is figuring out which club to use and in which circumstance. I am often left asking myself these questions. Which club do I choose or did I choose the right club? What distance do I hit each club? Which area of my game do I need to improve the most? The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors answer my burning questions. Paired with the free Garmin app I can now see my historic swing data per club based on my previous rounds.

Garmin app and the Virtual Caddie

Garmin is growing their integrated line of tools by pairing (literally) the Approach CT10 sensors with your golf watch and the Garmin golf app. The Garmin app is a free tool that gathers and tracks shots, rounds and courses. Some app providers charge for the basic use of their app, but Garmin offers a stable of features for free. Garmin’s line of golf watches feed information to the app. Check out our review of the Approach S42 golf watch!

In addition, Garmin offers the Virtual Caddie feature as an available tool on a number of Garmin golf watches. The virtual caddie will suggest clubs and allow you to compare various club options showing which had worked the best for you over time. Ensure you review the capabilities of the watch you have to guarantee it’s compatible with the sensors as well as the virtual caddie feature. Some older or entry level watches do not support the Virtual Caddie feature.

Trying to learn golf and keep track of clubs must require more RAM than my brain contains. Therefore, the thing I like best about the Garmin Approach CT10 tracking sensors is that I will no longer forget to record which club I use on my shot. In my experience using various apps over the last couple years, I find I am constantly forgetting to record my club used or to record if I two (or three) putted, etc. With the sensors installed, the app tracks each stroke automatically. It’s brilliant and saves me mental energy.

Installation and Pairing

The setup of the sensors couldn’t be easier. Each sensor screws into the end of the club handle. I have read that some users find the sensors to come loose over time. I did not find that to be true, though I have only been using them a short time.  From my experience they stay put, however, if they get loose or you are in fear of having them come off in the bottom of your bag, I’d use a small amount of marine goop or something that will help hold them in place.

The pairing is also rather simple. Using your Garmin watch, you can scroll to the settings, choose Club Sensors and pair each, one by one. Leaving all the other clubs in the bag, remove one club and turn it over (club face down). Click Add New on the watch, and it literally walks you through the pairing. You can select the brand and club size for each paired club. The sensors are battery powered and changing the batteries is easy. The good news is Garmin also includes a tool for twisting off the cap when batteries need to be replaced.

Get yourself some sensors

The Garmin Approach CT10 sensors answer my burning questions. Find out these answers for yourself. Garmin offers two options for purchase. The Full Set comes with 14 sensors and the Starter Pack comes with three. Though I tested this product from the Starter Pack, I would recommend the full set. I chose to apply the three sensors to my driver, hybrid and pitching wedge. I hope to be able to purchase the full set next season to increase learning and improve my game.

Garmin’s Approach CT10 tracking sensors and compatible tools will give you insight and education that can raise your game while lowering your score.

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