BlendJet 2 Portable Blender review: The next gen blender

As someone who is eagerly awaiting the upcoming summer season, I was excited to try out the BlendJet 2 portable blender . The idea of being able to make smoothies, shakes, and even cocktails at the beach, in the car or RV or at the campsite, without the hassle of a bulky machine was very appealing to me. After using the blender for a few weeks, here’s what I think of the BlendJet 2.

The BlendJet 2 ($49 USD) comes in a branded box with a small operating instruction sheet, the blender itself and a USB-C charging cord. The BlendJet unit is built from BPA-free heavy plastic and reminds me a lot of our old Magic Bullet blender. Only this one is much smaller and more compact. The BlendJet also comes in a dizzying array of 28 colors and 9 collectable Disney limited editions. 

Plugging the Blender into power using the included USB-C cable (1.5 hours) activates the light ring around the power button to indicate charging progress. The BlendJet is good for over 15 blends on a single charge. Operation is very simple. After giving it a full charge, I just opened the lid and added my favorite low-carb shake mix along with some melted coconut oil and pressed the button! Shout-out to Keto Chow! The BlendJet 2 made quick work of my Keto Chow shake and blended all of the ingredients perfectly. BlendJet also claims that the BlendJet 2 handles ice cubes with no problem. Since we have a crushed ice machine, I wasn’t able to test it with full sized ice cubes. But the BlendJet handled everything I threw at it easily and with no complaints.

One single press of the power button will activate blend mode which will continue to blend for 20 seconds and then stop. You can easily interrupt the blend mode for a shorter blend. But double pressing the power button will activate pulse mode for a chunkier consistency like guacamole or salsa. The BlendJet 2 is also a lot quieter than I anticipated due to its powerful motor.

Another important mode is Lock mode which ensures that the button does not get accidentally pressed while you are drinking from it, which could be dangerous and super messy! Activate this by holding the power button down until the light ring cycles completely around and turns blue and flashes three times indicating that the blender is locked. This is also handy for traveling or throwing in your bag to make sure that the blender doesn’t accidentally engage during travel.

Cleaning is a breeze, BlendJet recommends adding some warm water, a few drops of soap, blending and rinse! For a deeper clean, you can disassemble the lid, base and container, remove the O-rings and wash each part individually.

I was very impressed with the simplicity and features of the BlendJet 2. Despite it’s small size, it’s 12 ounce capacity is more than enough for a single person. It’s worth noting that in their marketplace, BlendJet also offers optional 20 and 32 ounce jars for larger blend capacity. But at only $49 USD, it’s affordable enough to purchase multiple blenders for other family members or kids and I can imagine myself packing my ice and ingredients for the day, throwing it in the cooler and drinking straight from my BlendJet at the beach on a hot day. While I have only been using the BlendJet 2 for a few weeks, it remains to be seen how the unit will stand up to consistent use. So far I have not had any issues with leakage or malfunctions. But it’s worth noting, the BlendJet 2 was not designed to replace your home/kitchen blender. 

Overall, I would highly recommend the BlendJet 2 portable blender to anyone who is looking for a convenient and easy way to make smoothies, shakes, and other drinks on the go. The portability and ease of use make it a great option for busy people who want to stay healthy and hydrated without the hassle of a bulky machine and the simplicity of operation and clean-up make it a great addition to your summer beach bag!

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