Crowned Athletics made me excited to work out again

Crowned Athletics work out gear.
Credit: Crowned Athletics Website

I don’t usually go to the gym, even back before Covid-19 started. Typically, I work out in the comfort of my own basement. You can find me searching YouTube for at-home yoga sessions, pilates routines, or rolling my back out on the foam roller. As a result, my workout gear lacks style and fashion, because who’s going to see me workout other than my husband? Black yoga pants, black sports bras, and neutral tops can be found tucked away in the bottom drawer of our closet. I didn’t see a reason why I needed anything fancy for working out if it was just me, myself, and I in the basement (plus one grey-haired cat who insists on taking up the entire yoga mat).

After a while, I realized that I wasn’t motivated to work out very often. To remedy this, I tried a new foam roller, using a different water bottle, and even some new workout routines – but something was still missing. Maybe new workout clothes was the answer. Perhaps clothes with a bit more style and color?

My interest in workout attire piqued when I discovered Crown Athletics – a whole website of colorful workout gear and accessories that aren’t boring! After surviving carbon monoxide poisoning and a coma, Kirsten Halik, the founder of Crowned Athletics, decided to follow her dream and create a line of workout clothing inspired by the magical world of Disney. She hopes to encourage women to live their best life, while feeling the magic of the characters they choose to embody with their athletic wear. 

The pieces on her site personify various Disney princess characters, as well as villain characters. For example, there’s the “After Midnight” princess athletic tank top, designed to look like something Cinderella would wear to spin class. Princess Belle and Ariel would be waiting for her wearing the “Enchanted Rose” and “Mermaid Princess” athletics tank tops, respectively. 

You can use these pieces to Disney bound at home (coronavirus style) for your workout. 

They sent me the “Vampire Mermaid” princess athletic tank top. The front of the tank is mainly black with peek-a-boo cutouts on either side of the waist, while sheer netting and scallop details meet purple trim towards the top of the neckline. Criss-cross straps run down the back where a longer, purple tail pops out from behind. I imagine this as something Ursula would wear to her water aerobics class. 

So, I channeled my inner Ursula and started my at-home yoga session. Afterward, even though the session tired me out, I felt excited and slightly like a rebel. I found that working out became more fun when I wore stylish athletic gear. Now I need to figure out which princess character to Disney bound as next – maybe Merida or even Tiana?

With a touch of magic and fantasy, you can feel inspired to work out more regularly while living your best life.