The Glorious Model D provides professional gaming potential at a price an amateur can afford

Model D Professional Gaming Mouse
Credit: Glorious PC Gaming Race

When it comes to gaming, precision is of utmost importance. Investing in a good gaming mouse can mean the difference between virtual life and death in any given round of fast-paced gaming. I think it is critical to have a lightweight, versatile, precision-based mouse to give myself the edge when facing competition. I tried out the Glorious Model D mouse by PC Gaming Race and it checks all of the right boxes…except one. 

My number one frustration with gaming accessories are the cables. The unfortunate reality is that if you want pinpoint accuracy and the fastest response time, a cable is going to reduce any delay a wireless signal can cause. Milliseconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Mouse clicks simply register faster with a wire. The Model D made me feel like I was using a wireless mouse. Imagine putting a shoestring on the end of your mouse for your cord. That’s how light this thing is (a bit under 69 grams to be precise).

Don’t mistake lightweight for cheap. In gaming, a lighter mouse is the way to go. The theory is – the lighter it is the faster you can move it. The Model D feels perfectly balanced and glides across my mouse pad with absolute ease, and its ergonomic design fits my hand nearly perfectly (more on that later). It has a stylish honeycomb design (holes throughout the mouse to reduce weight) and is available in white or black (with a glossy or matte finish). 

As with many gaming mice, the Model D has two additional thumb buttons and a DPI (dots per inch) adjustment button just under the scroll wheel. The major difference I feel here is the way the buttons are placed due to the ergonomics. My sole complaint – the mouse feels just a tad oversized to me. My personal preference is a smaller mouse, but have no fear, PC Gaming Race offers the two different size options. 

For the same price (only $50) you can purchase the Model D- which is essentially the same mouse just smaller.

There is no guessing where on the mouse to click. If you want to press the back thumb button, it is right there in the middle of your thumb. Likewise for the front button – at the end of your thumb. Standard (non-gaming) mice I have tried don’t match the feel of this one. These buttons are entirely customizable with the optional software download. I can also adjust the RGB lights using the software to select the RGB color. I personally like to align the color with my keyboard

Now to the good stuff. How does it perform during games? The biggest impact in gaming I see is within First Person Shooter games (FPS) where precision is most key. I can say this mouse offers the perfect options for me to customize and change my style of play with the click of a button.

I love using the preset DPI options to speed up or slow down my aim. The mouse allows for amazing precision and accuracy. The Model D defines the very reason I enjoy using a mouse and keyboard over a controller in the first place. I can adjust the sensitivity on the fly and evolve with my game (preset dpi options range from 400 to 3200 – you can edit up to 10,000). 

PC Gaming Race has put together an incredible value in the Model D gaming mouse. If you have yet to try out a gaming mouse and want to feel the difference, know that this mouse offers everything you need at a great value. Outside of this specific model’s size, you can’t go wrong. It is precise, affordable, digitally customizable, features great RGB lighting options, and just may give you an edge over your competition.