Crowning Costa’s King Tide ruler of the waves

Recently, Costa celebrated a historical launch moment with the King Tide sunglasses. By combining years of innovation and acquired knowledge Costa delivers unrivaled quality and performance. Utilizing research and evaluating every previous frame, Costa created the King Tide 6 (medium wrap frame) and 8 (full wrap). The King Tide brings to life Costa’s forty-year legacy, and is designed to give the ultimate advantage on the water.

From the moment the King Tide sunglasses arrive I know they are next level. The case is more of a box than the traditional sunglass case I’m use to. It reminds me of a camera or electronics case. And with lenses this good I see why. I open the secure zipper to reveal the King Tide 8’s and a cleaning cloth. The case has four molded cut outs for housing the sunglasses, detachable side shields, cloth, and even room for a C-line retainer or other accessories. The case is a cool and a nice upgrade, although I wish it wasn’t quite so large and bulky.


The King Tide fit comfortably on my nose and over my ears. They apply just the right amount of pressure to stay secure. I know they are a great fit because after a few minutes I am no longer conscience that I’m wearing them. Which is always a tell-tale sign for me that something is truly comfortable.

I am wearing the King Tide 8 sunglasses, which is a full wrap frame design. They almost feel like a goggle in terms of coverage, but without the pressure and smothering effect. I love how they block light and glare that normally filters in through my peripheral. I physically feel the difference with additional visibility and lack of eye fatigue. My eyes are just that much more relaxed and comfortable – giving me greater stamina on the water for all day excursions.


The King Tide sunglass frames are designed with non-skid hooding so regardless of the conditions (think sweat or rough seas), they stay firmly in place. The frames are incredibly durable and lightweight due to Costa’s proprietary Bio-Resin. Just another example of Costa’s superior commitment to innovation. Additionally, Costa has achieved a near impossible zero-fog effect through shark inspired venting so my lenses stay clear and functional all day long. Regardless of conditions, these frames manage my sweat without sacrificing fit or function.

Additionally, the frames include removable side shields. This allows me to use them on or off the water in style. When it comes to the lenses, the Costa cutting-edge polarized 580 glass lens technology provides unparalleled clarity and color enhancement. So I see with greater definition, and reduced haze and blur. The scratch-resistant lenses mean worry-free use and longevity. I personally love the various color options to personalize the King Tide to my use and style (available in Sunrise Silver, Gray, Copper Silver, Green Mirror, and Blue Mirror).

“Utilizing the research and innovation from every frame that came before it, King Tide is built for those who demand performance on and off the water.”

Fav’s – A couple additional reasons to love Costa:

Costa’s goal is to build the highest quality product for the outdoor enthusiast. This is why the King Tide is hand assembled and crafted in the United States. Something they’ve been doing for the past four decades. This is also why they focus on sustainability and conservation. Costa was born on the water, and since 1983 strives to protect the waters we all love.

Costa encourages people to help protect natural resources. They also use sustainable and water-friendly materials, have a Kick Plastic initiative, and Marlin Fly Project. Another one of these innovative initiatives is partnering with Bureo for their netplus project to turn discarded fishing nets into usable materials for Costa’s Untangled sunglass collection. These difference making projects are just another reason to love Costa and their superior performance products.


King Tide sunglasses are built for those who demand performance on and off the water. The innovative designs and flexibility provide a superior experience. Elite anglers will appreciate that the King Tide meets their demand for quality and performance. Aptly named, King Tide comprises the crowning achievements of Costa’s innovations and pursuit of excellence.

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