Bruvi, the coffee maker you never thought you needed

My husband and I had recently been searching for a new coffee maker after our old one went to the great coffee bean in the sky. In our search, we both disagreed on what we would like in a coffee maker. I consider myself a coffee snob and prefer a quality machine with multiple options for customization. My husband on the other hand wanted the quickness and ease of a single-pod machine. When all hope was lost on finding a machine that could meet both of our needs, Bruvi came into our lives. 

Bruvi is setting the tone for single-serve coffee machines going forward. I have never had a cup of coffee from a pod that I was in love with until now.

Unlike other machines, Bruvi knows that all coffee is not brewed equally and scans the specific pod you put in to ensure the highest quality brew. Its Special “B-Pods” hold 40% more coffee than a typical pod and brew the coffee inside the pod to ensure that your coffee never touches the inside of the machine for a clean, hygienic brew. I never thought that would be something I noticed until I tried the coffee maker at my office. The burnt taste of a coffee maker that probably has never been deep-cleaned holds no weight against the Bruvi. 

Now, I needed to be able to customize my morning coffee Bruvi goes above and beyond. It has over seven different drink options including espresso, matcha, and even cold brew! I also have a sensitive stomach sometimes so Bruvi even has a low-acidity option to ensure pure bliss for whomever drinks their coffee. The machine also includes a hidden storage container for used pods to limit tris to the garbage can. With its in-unit water filter, Bruvi goes above and beyond to ensure ease of use and quality.

One thing to note is that because Bruvi uses its “B-Pods” which are specially made for the machine, you can not use any other single-serve coffee pods on this machine. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find “B-pods” at the store which was disappointing at first, until my husband showed me the Bruvi App. Not only does this app sink with your machine to allow you to brew from anywhere and schedule brews ahead of time, but it also allows you to order more pods right from your phone and will recommend pods it thinks you will like based on pods you have had. I love De la Casa Brew, especially over ice. 

A nice perk — no pun intended? Bruvi also makes reusable pods to use your own coffee, so you can sip the pods altogether. The downside is you lose the convenience and the special blend they have that works so well in the machine.

I should mention the obvious competition here. Keurig machines run about $100 or so and also use pods. The Bruvi us twice that, but the coffee tastes much better. The main decision there is whether you are mostly after covenience or a better-tasting brew.

As a coffee lover, I highly recommend the Bruvi. Its customization and features go above and beyond a typical coffee maker and it guarantees a quality brew every single time. I love Bruvi and I am excited to see how they continue to revolutionize the coffee maker industry. 

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