Diversify your Vitamix Immersion blender with these new attachments

I’ve owned the Vitamix Immersion Blender for several months. When I use it, I have to dig it out of the cupboard and out of the box I keep it in. I’ve made tomato soup, delicious shakes and ice cream, and muffins. Prior to owning the Vitamix Immersion Blender I beat eggs and a host of batters by hand.

However, with the addition of Vitamix’s new whisk attachment, I now use it for so much more. Vitamix also added a countertop base (immersion station) for those who want a better storage option for the device.

For me, it’s all about convenience and final product quality. Vitamix just made using the immersion blender more convenient with the immersion station and improved the quality of my final products in the kitchen by creating the whisk attachment.

There is a difference between whisking something and pureeing things. The blender itself has been great for smoothies because I wanted everything blended together. However, there are things I prefer to whisk, like batter, and the whisk attachment has made that easy as pie.

I remember in college a friend was in my kitchen whisking eggs. His arm got tired and his comment was, “You have to be buff to be a mom.” It was funny then, but the truth stands out even more now. On any given morning you can find me or my wife whisking scrambled eggs or waffle batter for our kids.

Now I just use the whisk and it’s finished in no time. I like using the whisk better for batters because using the blender option for dough can sometimes mix the dough too much and change the texture of the finished product.

The whisk expands the use of their blender and it’s simply genius. Having an electric whisk that is easy to use helps to create fluffy eggs, well incorporated batter, and less work for me.

The counter stand is a wonderful addition to the immersion blender, but there isn’t a lot to it. I keep my blender in the box it came in and find room in my cupboards between uses.

With the stand I can keep it stored neatly on my counter. I like clear and clean counters, but I use the immersion blender so frequently I decided to leave it out. In fact, I keep my standing mixer in a cupboard now because I so often reach for my Vitamix Immersion Blender over the stand mixer now that I have the whisk attachment.

The countertop base holds the immersion blender handle, the attachment, and the food chopper. I don’t own the food chopper portion, but I am imagining how well it would fit in the base and how easy it would be to use. My only complaint is that the base doesn’t really supply a holder for the cord. I wrap my cord neatly around the blender handle and that works just fine.

Vitamix continues to deliver a product that is useful and a product that is quality. I’m happy with the performance and ease of use. We cook three meals a day for our family and frequently bake. This product has put on miles and continues to deliver each time. It’s our trusty go-to for mixing, and I can’t wait for what Vitamix offers next.