How to dress up your watch in any weather

A man using his Nomad Active Strap Pro while surfing.
Credit: Nomad

Ever since my Apple Watch Series 0 (that’s right, 0) I have had a plethora of watch bands to choose from daily. Though I love the provided silicone band, I do not want to wear it every day.

Two bands I have always had are black and brown leather bands. I have learned to watch the weather when wearing these leather bands because if it was heavily raining I felt as though I needed to cover my band to protect from rain.

When I got my Series 3 Watch I felt prepared for everything — almost. 

Though my watch is waterproof, my beloved leather bands still were not. I no longer had to worry about rain or washing my hands while wearing my Series 3, but while wearing my leather bands I still, unfortunately, had to keep their fragility in mind.

Then Nomad released their Active Strap Pro.

Finally, a waterproof, leather watch band that I can trust and show off to whoever appreciates it. Even better, I can rest easy knowing that my wrist is still able to breathe due to the interior ventilation channels.

I now know that I could wear this stylish band anywhere — from work to a swim.

Since getting this band, I have felt confident and thrilled with leaving my leather Active Strap Pro on my Apple Watch 90% of the time. I no longer need to check the weather or what I am doing that day before picking my watch band.

I have also noticed that the Heinen leather wears wonderfully. I have many other Leather Nomad products and that is my favorite part of the high-quality leather they utilize. As I use each device and each product, the leather continues to wear and take on a personalized bit of character.

If you are looking for a quality leather strap for your beloved Apple Watch, look no further than Nomad’s Active Strap Pro. It is well worth the price and you can wear it all day every day (and night) without ever having to worry.