I tested Acer’s premium $1,500 Predator X32 FP Gaming Monitor but missed the simplicity of gaming

Never has there been more options for gamers to be immersed in their game. From a classic like the handheld Nintendo Switch to immersive gaming headphones (like this one I just reviewed) to AR glasses and even to light sync systems such as Govee’s AI Syncbox there’s so many options out there for gamers. I tested Acer’s Predator X32 FP Gaming Monitor, here were my thoughts.


Coming in at 32 inches (and also at $1,499.99) I had high expectations for this gaming monitor’s build quality, relative ease of use, and accessories. My initial reaction, this monitor was hefty. It features two sturdy handles on the back support stand that felt surprisingly comfortable. The legs on this monitor protrude out quite a bit, nearly the width of the display which I felt was almost too far. The neck of the monitor was one of my favorite features. It was easy to adjust and felt secure and stable in any position. Overall, the design and build quality of this monitor felt trustworthy and dependable. The monitor features a wide range of ports for added connectivity: 4 2.1 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort, USB-C, audio jack, 4 USB-A, and one USB-B. It comes included with a USB-C cable, Power supply, power adapter, HDMI, DisplayPort, and two USB cables. For a premium high-end gaming monitor, this added functionality is expected and Acer delivered to meet those expectations.

The X32 comes with a wide assortment of accessories (Joel Willsey/GEARADICAL)


Similarly to its design, I had high expectations for the X32’s display performance. This Mini-LED display boasts some powerful specs: (up to) 160Hz refresh rate, low latency AMD Free Sync Premium Pro, 3,840 x 2,160 Native Resolution, HDR, a wide variety of ports. Yes, these specs all knock it out of the park in their respective areas. The display on this monitor is one of the best I’ve played on before. I tested the X32 monitor playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor (I wasn’t the only one trying out the new Star Wars game). As I traversed across the planet landscape with Jedi Cal Kestis I paused to ensure all specs were increased to the max on my Xbox Series X (I’ve always been a console guy). Visually, the monitor performed phenomenally, as expected.

Now I understand this isn’t the typical use case for serious gamers but I wanted to test the capability of the X32’s speakers. Unfortunately, they were not good. I was immersed in a game of FIFA 23 with its crystal clear graphics and low latency performance. Then I played with the built in speakers and it ruined the moment. The speakers were so underperforming (particularly in the lows) my friend who I was playing with and myself actually agreed it was better to just mute the monitor and play without sound. The sound quality felt canny and remote compared to a cheap, $30 pair of desktop speakers I own.

Overall, the Predator X32 FP is a workhorse in the display department. However, I would have liked to have seen more well rounded performance capabilities from such a monitor in other features such as sound quality.

Final Thoughts

Naturally as consumers, we have to weigh product offerings and specifications when evaluating which product to buy. However, as I’ve been testing products for almost a year now I am reminded time and time again the numbers, the technology, the bells and whistles are only worth it if you find value in that product. So in the case of the Predator X32, yes the bells and whistles, the attractive display numbers are great, but they didn’t make me want to play more. Instead, I found myself coming back to playing Zelda on my Switch.

No experience is the same and I represent just one story. Maybe the X32 monitor is the next step for some gamers looking for a competitive edge. For me, the X32 is a great monitor but I didn’t find myself wanting to use it enough to justify its $1,499 USD price point. So do I recommend this product? For anyone looking for the top of the top for gaming displays (and not afraid to drop some cash), yes. However for most active yet not overly-competitive gamers like myself, there’s better-fit options for significantly less.

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