Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit review: Complete gaming immersion

When I first put an actual gaming headset on, my world changed a little bit. Sound became a major factor in my overall immersion into story lines. It wasn’t just the visuals on the screen that enticed me into the plot, now it was the total environment – sight and sound. Govee seeks to further enhance the ambience of gaming in a new addition to the world with Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit.

So what does it do? Put simply, it is an RGB lighting system that takes the colors displaying on the monitor and displays them on the wall and monitor behind the screen. It creates a deep lighting effect that draws gamers further into the world they are trying to be a part of. It also happens in real-time. For example, in Rocket League, as I shift the view of my car, the background colors change quickly on the monitor with deep blues and brilliant oranges.

These same colors will display on the back of my monitor and from the included lights on my wall. If blue dominates the left side of the monitor, a blue hue that matches will behind my monitor on the left. If blue (or any color) dominates the left side of the screen and a different color dominates the right, the lights will display the colors separately on either side of the screen. Anytime I shift my view, the colors adjust with the game. It is truly a sight to behold, though I sometimes wish it was even more brilliantly displayed.


Setting it up seemed easy at first, but it didn’t take long for me to run into problems (which I will get to). The box can handle up to three separate inputs. The cable that normally connects from my GPU to my monitor now goes straight into the Sync Box. A button allows me to switch inputs which is pretty sweet if I choose to connect my PlayStation or Xbox. Getting things hooked up is easy, but getting everything to work flawlessly took lots of time (at least for me). Govee states that the system is set up to handle up to 240Hz at 1080p (144Hz at 1440p) and with monitors size 27-34 inches. The problem I run into – it only takes HDMI input. My GPU and monitor offer best quality with a Display Port cable.

I spent hours trying to make things work with adapters, different cables, different settings, you name it. Govee’s instructions weren’t helpful. I either had to choose to play in 1080p (where I prefer 1440p with 144Hz refresh) or choose not to use the AI Gaming Sync Box. Gaming felt terrible with my settings turned down. I found myself stuck at this point.

So, I hit up Reddit and thankfully, the internet provided an answer that Govee’s instructions did not. When the Sync Box is connected the system detects it as a separate monitor. I simply “duplicate” my display and I’m off gaming in 2K with 144Hz refresh rate again without any noticeable delay in the lighting. I realize this is extra detail, but I think it’s important for consumers to know what they are getting. These things matter, particularly to PC gamers. Once I get it working though, it is a glorious light show, and I never want to go back.

App Happy

The Govee app makes for some awesome themes and color schemes when I’m not gaming. I even notice this works with movies and shows I watch on my monitor. From party strobes to Holiday themed lighting, the Govee app allows full control over your lights. I usually leave my monitor on and just let the box highlight the colors schemes from that.


Now that the AI Gaming Sync Box works flawlessly, I leave it on all the time. I don’t want to go back. The subtle (yet bright enough) change makes for a new experience that I feel like I need now. I just hope Govee finds a way to make this even more immersive and bright. It would be so awesome to see a larger set of lights in an upgrade. Right now the box seems to only support what is provided (2 lights and a light strip). Bluetooth support for add-ons would be amazing. It doesn’t appear this is a possibility though, and anything else will likely come out in the next iteration of the box.


I want to say the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is worth it. It is, but it isn’t. I love it. It’s so close to being for everyone and yet needs tweaks to recommend it for all. It needs additional input options besides HDMI. It needs support for larger screens including larger TVs. It needs to support adding lights in the future for those who want even more immersion. For gamers on 27-34 inch monitors though? It’s definitely worth it, and if you don’t mind a little troubleshooting, gaming is that much better with it.