Keep those piggies warm, no matter how small

A dad holding his baby that is cuddled up and smiling inside the Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag.
Credit: Morrison

With COVID continuing to keep our kids indoors, camping has never seemed so enticing. I mean, even last week my son and I were playing in my basement and he saw our tent and wanted to set it up. So, naturally, we did — it has yet to come down!

If you have a little one, though, one of the concerns for camping is making sure your child is warm enough at night, or in general, while camping — depending on the time of year of course. Even if the daytime is warm enough to not need a jacket, the nighttime can cool off drastically. 

Morrison Outdoors has solved the problem with style.

These sleeping bags come in two sizes — Little Mo (6-24 months) and Big Mo (2-4 years).

They provide two thicknesses/temperature rating options. One for 40 degrees and one for 20 degrees.

The second I opened up the box from Morrison Outdoors my son was in love with his sleeping bag. Perhaps it was because a package I got (naturally, I get a lot) was for him. However, since his excitement continued when he got to try on the sleeping bag, and play around with it for a while, it is safe to say he loved it for the product it is.

He spent the next hour or so wearing his sleeping bag while watching his shows, playing with his cars, and waddling around. He did not want to take it off!

I love the quality of this product. I know now that whether I am camping outdoors or simply enjoying a cool evening/early morning stroll I can keep my son warm. I cannot keep track of how many times we have been out on a morning walk only to return home early due to my son being cold. Now, I know we can have our morning bonding time and keep him warm along the way.

This new sleeping bag is warm, but it is also durable, lightweight, and very easy to transport. The sleeping bag folds up in a small traveling bag that makes it easy to throw into my backpack, duffel bag, or diaper bag.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this sleeping bag is that Morrison Outdoors created this sleeping bag rated for SAFE Infant Sleep, meeting all AAP-recommended Guidelines.

The surprising bonus comes in the little things that Morrison remembered in this sleeping bag. They included an inverted zipper that allows for quick diaper changes without needing to fully take the sleeping bag off. Super smart and super appreciated.

I can also quickly wash my son’s sleeping bag in the washing machine after a camping trip.