How I mounted an iPad Mini to the dash of a Tesla, and an iPhone to a stroller

From the moment that MagSafe was announced, I was blown away. I had been an avid user of Mous’ products from their very beginning for this very reason. The concept that our phones could be expanded via non-permanent attachments was thrilling.

Then, when Apple integrated these magnets into the iPhone, I knew it was only a matter of time before it was picked up by every accessory company.

To my joy, I was correct. And one of the companies that is doing this very well is Moment. Moment’s rise to fame was previously based around their mobile phone camera lenses. However now they have made yet another mark in the world of lifestyle MagSafe mounts.

Moment’s lifestyle range includes three main mounts. The Car Vent Mount, the Wall Mount, and the Strap Anywhere Mount. All of these are designed to magnetically adhere your iPhone to a wide array of surfaces.

Here’s where things get fun.

Strap Anywhere Mount

The Strap Anywhere Mount fits perfectly around my kids’ stroller handle. Now, I can mount my phone easily to see maps to navigate to a new park, watch a video about how parents survive on no sleep, or quickly control music on a jog with the kids. The magnet, and MagSafe in general, is strong enough that even over some decent bumps, my iPhone stayed secure.

I did however put this to the test. I attached this mount to my bike, and took it for a ride. The first half of my ride, my phone stayed on, even with a few bumps, some small potholes, and hopping a curb. The second half was not so successful. I saw the pothole, but knew I couldn’t swerve as there was a parked car on one side of me, and a car right behind me that I was unsure if it would pass me or not. I hit the bump, and my phone went flying — test complete, one cracked screen protector, and scuffed up case, now back to protecting my iPhone at all costs.

Car Vent Mount

The Car Vent Mount my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed using. She just recently used it to mount her phone to the passenger side of the car (using her air vent) to watch Netflix on a long car ride while I drove and our kids napped.

I have also used this for maps on our vehicle that does not have CarPlay with ease!

Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is designed for… well… the wall. That’s simple. That’s easy. You can use it in your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, your workout space, your office, etc. there are a trillion flat surfaces you can use this for, and they all work great. But, I found one of the coolest ways to use this. I matched this up with the (M) Force Mount for MagSafe from Moment to mount an iPad Mini to the dash of a friend’s Tesla.

To do this, we stuck the (M) Force mount to the back of his iPad Mini, and then added the Wall Mount to the flattest part of his Model X’s Tesla that we could find.

The rest is simple, in doing these two simple steps, we enabled MagSafe for his iPad Mini, without adding a case or extra bulk, and now we enabled a MagSafe Mount in his car that he could use for his phone, or iPad.

All while staying extremely minimalist, and therefore fitting the entire vibe of a Tesla.

All in all, I am thrilled to be using the Lifestyle mounts from Moment, and genuinely believe that if you have a MagSafe iPhone (or any piece of technology, or not for that matter) you should pick up some Moment Mounts.