Everyone is saying the same thing about the Apple iPhone 14 having a USB-C port

Rumors are swirling, but of course, they might not be true.  No, I’m not talking about…

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The charger Apple should have made for their new iPhones – and why you should buy it

I remember it clearly. When MagSafe was first announced in WWDC I was entranced. I thought…

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How I mounted an iPad Mini to the dash of a Tesla, and an iPhone to a stroller

From the moment that MagSafe was announced, I was blown away. I had been an avid…

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brown gift box lot

Last minute shopping? Me too

Let’s face it, this year has been insane. Even the “normal” has been absolutely crazy for…

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man sitting facing monitor

How do I get back to “normal”?

The world as we know it has changed forever. As we are longing for a sense…

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My TV is a masterpiece

I recently replaced my 10 year old plasma I had in my basement. It was 60…

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30% off? Yes please!

Nomad, is the creator of the Base Station Pro, and many more phenomenal products ranging from…

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The Nomad Titanium watchband on an Apple Watch which is placed next to a MacBook and on a desk.

This made me love my Apple Watch even more

Since the first Apple Watch was released, I have been all in with the Apple Watch.…

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The Phyn water sensor in a cozy cabinet storage cabinet with lots of cleaning supplies.

Now I can vacation with absolute peace of mind with this great product

Living in a century home within an old part of town definitely has its benefits. Classic…

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