Narwal Freo review: This vacuum doesn’t just clean your floors, it cleans itself

I like to have a clean house, however I’d rather it clean itself. There are many other things I’d rather spend my time doing. So, I am often interested in new products that can cut down on my cleaning time. If you’ve been a Gearadical follower for a while, you may have read the iRobot Braava m6 mop review a few years ago. I still like my Braava (who we lovingly named Hazel), but when I saw the Narwal Freo, I had to try it. Not only does it mop, but it also sweeps.


In one “robot” cleaning machine, I got what I need two machines to do. It has a vacuum with a roller, side brushes, a dust bin, a mop with mopping pads that spin, and a water container. The Freo has four cleaning modes: vacuum, mop, vacuum and mop, and vacuum then mop. When cleaning, it is fairly quiet and has ultrasonic and infrared sensors, so it doesn’t crash into my furniture or walls.

Something I really like about this machine is the base station. There’s so much I can tell you about it. Let’s start with the touch screen. It is easy to use and includes features such as do not disturb, smart dry, and child lock. The touch screen can be used to choose the cleaning mode, or you can use the app, but I’ll address the app later. The base station is where the Freo obtains its clean water and cleaning solution to mop, deposit the dirty water it cleans up, gets more water to mop, and cleans its mopping pads. Yes, this robot is self-cleaning. I’m not kidding. It senses when the mopping pads are dirty and need to be cleaned and will return to the base before returning to the job.

The Freo app delivers on its promise of allowing for scheduled cleanings, customized cleaning routines, and management of accessories. It will generate a cleaning report and even identify flooring. It is similar to many robot vacuum apps out there. If you have tried one, you will feel right at home with the many options available.


You may want to know how much room you need to store the Freo. The vacuum/mop’s dimensions are 14” x 14” x 4”, but you need to make sure you place it somewhere that it is free of obstacles to exit and enter the base station, so I would give it another 18” of clearance. The base station’s dimensions are 14.5” x 16” x 17”.

The vacuum/mop weighs approximately 9 lbs, and the base station weighs about 19 lbs. For those of you interested in battery, voltage, and power, the robot battery is ≥5200mAh, the voltage is 14.4V, and the rated power is 45W. The base station’s rated input is 100-240V, the output is 20V 3.0A, frequency is 50/60Hz, and power is 72W.


I’ve had this machine for over a month and have used it quite a few times. So far, I feel like it cleans well. I like how the mop pads lift when it is vacuuming, and both the mop pads and side brushes lift/retract when on the carpet. I like that I don’t have to use two different machines to vacuum and mop my floors. I mentioned this before, but I have to say it again (in a different way, of course) – I’m super impressed that the Freo senses when the mop pads are dirty and returns to the base station to self-clean them. This is amazing!

Like the other robot cleaners I’ve had, there are small areas along walls and furniture that just don’t get clean. Also, on my rugs that have a higher pile, the Freo just can’t manage it. Instead of vacuuming them, it senses an obstacle and avoids them. This didn’t surprise me at all; it just means I have to get my big vacuum out and attack those rugs myself to remove the dog hair and other debris.

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who wants to invest in a robot to do your cleaning between “cleaning day(s),” the Narwal Freo is a great choice. It has worked well for me and, while my husband jokingly calls it “Lazzimom” (get it…lazy mom), I’m happy to have it living in my laundry room, ready to glide around at my beck and call. Right now, you can enjoy cleaner floors with a great deal from Narwal’s site:

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