Olight just became my new favorite flashlight brand

It’s dark. No, it’s beyond dark. Away from the city, the night sky somehow has the ability to achieve new levels of black that are both awe inspiring and semi-frightening on a cloudy night. The footsteps creep closer, leaves crunch underfoot. I can’t get caught – not this time. I hunker down further into my hiding spot. He is right over me. The beam of the handheld flashlight sweeps just over my head. He has to see me, right? Miraculously, the steps begin to fade. I breathe a sigh of quiet relief. I may survive this family night game yet.

These are the emotions I went through growing up on hot summer nights at our cabin. Flashlight tag holds so many glorious memories in my personal history books. I recall a decently high beam light being used, but it weighed a metric ton and took what seemed like dozens of batteries. How times have changed. I would have been caught a dozen times over if we had the tech that O-light is now using in their tactical flashlights. In this write-up, I’ll be giving an overview of several amazing new O-light products that are sure to brighten up anyone’s life in the upcoming gift-giving season.

Olight Seeker 4 Pro

This beautifully designed flashlight puts out a stunning amount of light with a brightness of up to 4600lm. I love the fact that I can simply adjust the brightness with the center wheel that conveniently sits right under my thumb. On it’s brightest setting, my entire acre of yard literally lights up. This makes finding things my kids left out in the yard easy to find before bed.

The Olight Seeker 4 Pro comes with a fantastic clip that doubles as a USB C charging dock. I can even use the included wall mount to put it near an outlet or door for convenient charging and easy access for nighttime use. It also lasts for hours on end due to its 5000mAh rechargeable battery. This flashlight has to be seen to be believed. The power of this small flashlight that sits nicely in the palm of my hand earned several positive comments from friends and family alike in the last several weeks. The only downside? It gets a bit hot on its brighter settings after extended use. This is easy to fix by simply keeping my hand away from the light itself.

PL Turbo Valkyrie

The PL Turbo Valkyrie is a brilliant tactical addition for hunter or those seeking to improve self-defense options at home. The flashlight easily mounts to the rail of most handguns and AR-15 options. I did not have any trouble mounting it to the front of my Beretta APX 9mm pistol even though it is designed with a GLOCK in mind.

Once mounted, I can simply press a one of two side buttons to instantly shine 800 lumens with a 515-meter throw where needed. If I happen to push both at the same time a strobe function immediately pops on. While this device may get minimal use if any at all in my home, it is nice to know the option is there should the need arise.

Olight thinks of everything as the appropriate hardware is included right in the packaging to ensure a solid fit with just about any users’ self-defense weapon of choice.

Olantern Music

Last, but certainly the most practical product I’m excited to tell you about is the Olantern Music camping lantern. This classy lantern travels with me just about everywhere I go now, and it is a phenomenal option to have at my fingertips for indoor or outdoor use. It is exactly what you would want stored under a cupboard in the event of a power outage. My wife and I love using this device near campfires with our kids, and it comes in handy for dimly lit areas where a flashlight gives light that is too direct.

While fixing a leak under my sink, this lantern served me amazingly well. Listening to stereo sound through its included speakers is simply icing on the cake. Is it the best sound? No – but it’s really good and suits my needs. Nor is it the brightest light. It’s just right.

My only frustration with the Olantern music is that I can never find it. Why? My kids constantly borrow it for their blanket forts and use it as a reading lamp. It features both a soft yellow light for mood setting, but if I turn the knob all the way up, it shifts to a brighter white light. The light source can be adjusted anywhere between 10 and 300 lumines.

I can’t say enough good things about the Olantern Music. Still not convinced? It can be used as an emergency charging device. It happens to feature 18W of discharging power with its emergency power bank. Oh yeah – it’s also IPX5 water resistant. Get one – you won’t regret it.


Olight is officially added to my favorites. Their latest products have both my kids and I raving and showing off features to anyone willing to listen. If you have trouble finding great gifts for hard to shop for friends, give one of these a shot. You can thank me later.

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