Reclaim your garage with PRx Golf Bag Storage

By now, I hope you have read about PRx. This company is best known for innovating new ways to help us all get fit and save space at the same time. They are best known for their weight racks seen on Shark Tank. However, many may not realize the other options PRx offers to help us save our precious space in our homes. One way they are doing it? Golf storage. Where are your clubs right now? In the backseat of your car? Leaning in a corner? Mine are wedged on a top shelf in the garage between some old 2x4s. Not the best place to keep them in the shape they need to be in for next season. PRx is kind enough to help me change that by sending a fantastic wall storage option.

Quality and Installation

Listen, PRx makes a quality product. This is evident from the moment I open up the box my PRx Golf Bag Storage kit comes in. The wall-mountable storage is made from 7-gauge steel and rubber trim that prevents any bag from catching while placing clubs on the holder. The steel is covered in a black powder coat giving the unit a professional and classy look – fit for any garage or shed.

Installation only takes about 15 minutes give or take. This is because the holder is designed to mount to a single stud. Directions are straightforward. The longest part of the process is ensuring I find the right location and stud for placement. PRx includes all of the needed accessories for installation, but you will need a stud finder, pencil, level, tape measure, drill, 7/32″ bit, 1/2″ and 7/16″ sockets, and a ratchet or 7/16″ wrench.

Again, the longest part of the entire process is determining the height and location I want the storage on my wall. From there, the instructions narrow down exactly how to put the unit on the wall to store your precious clubs with pinpoint accuracy. Overall, I give PRx lots of credit for being descriptive in their instructions. We’ve all tried to install something with only pictures or diagrams, and it gets annoying really fast. This isn’t the case here, and this user is very appreciative.

Ease of Use

Once the wall mount is attached, it becomes apparent how handy this holder is going to be. When I get back from golfing, I can simply take my clubs out of my car, place them on the mount, use the adjustable swivel arms to lock my bag into place, and voila – done. My wife can no longer complain about my clubs being left in the car or stuffed into a random corner. She and I both hate clutter. I’m happier with the overall look and don’t feel guilty wandering if my clubs are getting scuffed during off time.

In addition to just holding clubs securely in place to save space, the PRx Golf Bag Storage comes with a spot to store shoes, tees, a towel, golf balls, and a brush if you happen to use one. It is great to know this is included for all of you who take the game a bit more seriously.


Overall, the PRx Golf Bag Storage option is a fantastic option for those looking for alternatives to how they currently store their clubs. The flexibility options allow for bags of all sizes and the quality of the build is superb. With spring cleaning just around the corner, this storage could prove critical for many. PRx doesn’t just make space saving gym equipment, they are innovating ways to help us all save that precious floor space. Happy golfing!