Superior protection with the Thinkware F70 Pro Dash Camera

I doubt I am alone in feeling like people are increasingly impatient and distracted drivers. Having a dash cam like the Thinkware F70 Pro seems to be more of a necessity than an accessory these days. With costs soaring in every arena, a small investment in a dash cam could save you thousands in damage repairs and insurance costs. If this isn’t reason enough, the Thinkware F70 Pro dash camera is compact, easy to use, and loaded with features.


The Thinkware F70 Pro dash camera comes in a simple compact box. Inside is the dash camera (with 32GB MicroSD card), windshield mount, and spare mounting tape. It also comes with a 12v power cable, adhesive cable clips, and trimming tool. I can use the included power cord, or optional hardwiring and GPS antenna to unlock additional features. The F70 Pro is also supported with an app, and easily pairs with my phone using built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Or if I prefer, I can use the SD card directly with my computer.


The set up and instillation is straight forward. Although there aren’t printed directions in the box, the QR code quickly pulls up everything I need on my phone. These directions are also available online for those that prefer or would rather use their computer. The windshield mount easily adheres to the windshield. I install the mount just under my review mirror so the F70 Pro doesn’t impede my vision while driving. Then, I simply slide the camera onto the mount and plug the power cord into the Thinkware F70 Pro. The other end of the power cord inserts into the cigar jack of my vehicle’s power socket. This may be an issue for some newer vehicles that don’t have a cigar port. However, I can also connect the Thinkware F70 Pro using a hardwiring cable (sold separately).

Once it is installed, I simply turn on my vehicle and it notifies me that it is recording – with and added friendly reminder to drive safely. The F70 Pro is equipped to detect incidents or accidents and records 10 seconds prior and 20 seconds after the detection. Fortunately, I didn’t have any accidents during my review. However, I did register a few incidents when I hit some rough road bumps and during a car wash. Which shows the breadth of the sensitivity of the Thinkware F70 Pro (the sensitivity setting is adjustable). I ended up lowering the sensitivity setting to its lowest setting to avoid unnecessary incident recordings.


The Thinkware F70 Pro dash camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can connect it with your mobile device using their app. While it comes with a 32GB MicroSD card, it supports up to 128GB card. Helpfully the F70 Pro comes loaded with Supercapacitor, integrated thermal protection (think cold winter nights), and anti-file corruption.

The full HD (1920×1880) at 30fps is paired with advanced video clear technology and 140 degree wide angle lens. Additional features include Super Night Vision, Parking Surveillance Mode, and Safety Camera Alert with the hardwired connected and the optional GPS antenna (sold separately). All these features prove why the F70 Pro is compact in size yet uncompromising in protection.


The Thinkware F70 Pro is compact and easy to use. Although I wish the app was a little easier to navigate, it did provide access to video recordings and the ability to adjust settings and features. The highlights of the F70 Pro include all-new image sensor for improved recordings (especially in low light conditions), and Energy Saving Mode for parking surveillance. The Thinkware F70 Pro works very well, records high quality video, and has a ton of features and setting options. A simple investment in the Thinkware F70 Pro dash cam provides uncompromising protection and a plethora of features in a discreet compact design.

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