Remarkable Brunt Bolduc and Marin boot high-level updates:

Brunt Jan 2024 Shoot

Brunt is building a reputation of crafting work boots for environments where safety and performance are paramount. Brunt’s Bolduc and Marin boot are standout pieces of footwear that seamlessly combine durability, comfort, and style. I am impressed by the Brunt Bolduc and Marin’s ability to withstand the rigors of the job while providing all-day comfort. They are a testament to modern innovation meeting timeless functionality – and they both just underwent high-level updates.

After already proving their metal with previous versions, Brunt decided to proactively enhance the Bolduc and Marin. This tells me everything I want to know about this company! For those who’ve had the privilege of owning a pair in the past, the highly-anticipated next generation of Marin and Bolduc is here. The Bolduc and Marin are intriguing work boot options with their ability to offer both durability and comfort without sacrificing style.

Bolduc Experience:

Even after several encounters the Brunt boot box still impresses. Lifting the lid reveals well packaged interior proving Brunt pays attention to detail. The deep rich smell of quality leather enhances the Bolduc’s rugged yet contemporary appearance. The boot features a sleek and modern silhouette that exudes confidence and professionalism. The Bolduc features a lace-less design and a barnyard-resistant leather sourced from Texas steer. The high-quality leather construction not only looks stylish but also provides exceptional durability and protection.

Slipping the Bolduc on for the first time, I’m greeted by an upgraded cushioned midsole. Already known for their incredibly comfortable and cushioned work boots, somehow Brunt found a way to raise the bar again! The leather upper is supple and features a wide opening for ease when slipping them on. I find the opening a little wide for my calves during wear, and this is about the only thing I’d change on these boots. Overall, the Bolduc brings next-level comfort without needing a break-in period. But they aren’t just comfortable, the Bolduc is fully waterproof and features a lightweight and non-metallic composite safety toe.

Bolduc Features:

The new Bolduc features some incredibly high-level updates. The outsole boasts uncompromising performance with a high-heat rating of 572F and enhanced slip resistance. The comp toe showcases a revolutionary waterproof bootie which surpasses the minimum standard of 50k flexes.

For those who need it, the Bolduc meets ASTM F2413-18 standards. I love the softer Texas leather waterproof upper with added stitching. This extends the Bolduc’s durability and offers an improved appearance. The eco-friendly switch from EVA to PU in the midsole offers unparalleled comfort and cushion so I can stay on my feet all day.

Marin Experience and Features:

I am already a fan of the Marin boot and all of its great features (read my full review of the previous version here). However, the high-level updates have me even more captivated. I love that the leathers are sourced from USA Texas steer—the highest quality hides available. This barnyard-resistant leather is built with a breathable waterproof membrane. Incredibly it also helps resist the damaging effects of oleic acid, urea, sodium chloride and ammonium hydroxide. Additionally, the Brunt Marin now features an improved slip resistance outsole with a high-heat rating at 572F. So I know they are durable enough for most anything I can throw at them.

One of the first things I notice is the superior cushion and upgraded better fitting tongue. The tongue uses a softer suede on the lower tongue which translates to a better feel and fit. Like the Bolduc, the Marin features a new proprietary waterproof bootie. Another testament to their durability, this bootie exceeds the minimum standard 50k flexes. I also notice an upgrade in the wrap-around lace hooks and heavy-duty eyelets. Combined with the additional stitching the Marin is even more rugged, durable, and comfortable than its previous iteration!


Brunt continues to deliver exceptional value without compromise. This fast-growing footwear and apparel brand designed for construction workers and tradespeople impresses without exception. They aim to deliver better products at the best price point for working people everywhere. Just like you, they strive to be better every day.

The upgraded Bolduc and Marin are evidence of this relentless endeavor. The Brunt Bolduc and Marin have a horde of enhancements that redefine standards. The Bolduc and Marin feature high-level upgrades you will see, feel, and experience. Pick up a pair to experience a superior fit and unparalleled comfort, performance, safety, and style.

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