Brunt Torra Pants and Marin Boots review: An answer to life’s work challenges

Many of us have heard the story of the guy who started a construction job and almost got fired because he was using a shoddy tape measure that was off by an 1/8 of an inch. Just before he is about to fire the guy, the foreman realizes the worker has substandard and inaccurate tools. The foreman tells the guy never skimp on quality tools. Inferior tools always come back to bite you in the end.

Quality tools are worth the investment. While we recognize the value of investing in our work tools, we often neglect the importance of our work clothing. You need gear that meets your every demand and works just as hard as you do! The reality is when it comes to work clothing, you shouldn’t have to compromise function for comfort or style.

When I first put on Brunt’s new Torra Work Pants and a pair of their Marin Work Boots (Soft Toe – also available in Comp Toe), I know I have gear that’s up for the toughest work challenges. They are durable enough and comfortable enough to wear every day.

Torra Pants:

Stepping into the Torra pants, I quickly realize I am putting on quality work gear. Brunt has put careful thought into every feature. The Torra is designed with flexible 2-way stretch materials, so I never feel like I’m restricted on a jobsite. At 350 GSM (grams per square meter), the fabric is mid-weight, but still wears like a lightweight pants and allows for plenty of flexibility. This is due to the high-quality material blend to optimize comfort, durability, and flexibility (64% Cotton 34% polyester 2% Spandex). The five-pocket design is perfect for carrying my personal items and occasional tools or miscellaneous items for the job (If you are looking for even more pockets check out the Martin Shorts or Brunt’s other pants).

One feature that doesn’t work for me, however is the articulated knees. While designed to provide additional flexibility and ease of movement, they just don’t quite align perfectly with my knees. Perhaps others with slightly different builds will find this feature a better fit. It is worth noting that it didn’t limit or impact my work negatively.

One of my favorite features of the Brunt Torra pants is the slanted back pockets. I am impressed with how easy it is to quickly stash or retrieve something from my back pocket. I find this most useful when working on something overhead. This allows me to work uninterrupted and increase my productivity. Additionally, I did appreciate how the pants cuff width wasn’t too narrow or too wide. They were just wide enough to cover my Marin boots without excessive gaps or pinching.

Marin Boots:

The first thing I observe when opening up the Marin boots is the quality reinforced stitching (and the captivating smell of fresh leather). These boots are good-looking, both rugged and stylish. Lacing up my Marin boots for the first time I immediately notice the cushioning. The Marin boots comes with both a triple-layer comfort insole and an adjustable width insert (removable for a relaxed EE fit). So, practically no matter what size hoof you’re working with Brunt has you covered. For me they are most comfortable with all of the inserts.

My first day in them ends up being a 15-hour day. Halfway into my day, it suddenly dawns on me that I haven’t once thought about my clothing. No adjustments, bunching, binding, pinching. You can tell comfort is at the forefront of Brunt’s design. I almost hate to take them off at night. I’ve never had a pair of shoes or boots that breathe as well as the Marin. So far, my feet never get sweaty or cold. Additionally, the heavy-duty eyelets offer either pass-through or a hook and lace option depending on preference or need. While these boots were immediately comfortable they did take about a week or two to fully break-in around the ankle.

I love that the full grain leather is waterproof. They keep my feet dry and comfortable whether on the sidelines of my kids wet soccer field or trudging through puddles while helping out at my friend’s farm. The industry-leading rubber-skinned sole with built-in oil and slip resistance keep my feet secure regardless of the terrain I’m working in. I even help my son warm up for his soccer games on the wet grass without a problem.

I don’t consider myself susceptible to flattery. However, I receive so many compliments on these boots that I am prone to simply purchase these for the style and everyday wear. While these books look great they are tough work boots. The Marin meets ASTM F2892-18 standards for those that need it. Ultimately, these boots are fashionable enough for everyday wear, but durable enough for everyday work.


Just like the story of the construction worker with a shoddy tape measure, the moral of the story is as good as you are – the quality of your tools impact your work. Its time we start recognizing this truth when it comes to our work clothes. The Brunt Torra pants and the Marin boots are work tools worth the investment.