Starting solids has never been easier with Baby Brezza

Starting solids with your baby is certainly exciting, but naturally a bit nerve wrecking too. When your little one has only ever consumed breastmilk or formula since they were born, the idea of giving them something new brings a variety of emotions. Will they like the new foods? Am I serving enough or too little? Am I doing this right? Baby Brezza makes the process of starting solids a little easier with their One Step Baby Food Deluxe Maker. As I type this review up, I’ve been using the food maker daily for the last two weeks. I wanted a food processor that could take the challenge away from the desire to give my infant homemade purees, and make it fun. I have been so impressed by the quality, convenience, and no-fuss of this product. I didn’t expect a food processor to make such a difference in the ease of starting solids. If you’re looking for a tool to minimize time in the kitchen yet create homemade food for your infant, look no further. 

The One Step Baby Food Deluxe Maker is exactly what the name states. It’s a food processor that steams and blends vegetables, fruit, meat, and even fish. It’s a compact product that fits perfectly on every kitchen counter. It’s dishwasher safe with a removable water tank to make clean up seamless. To give you a glimpse on how easy and hassle-free this product is, let’s walk through the process starting from the beginning. After a refreshingly quick assembly, I sliced up a butternut squash, added water, plugged the machine in, and clicked two buttons. The processor did the rest. No additives. No fillers. I had fresh, vibrant, and smooth butternut squash puree ready in twenty minutes for my baby to divulge. I didn’t need to transfer after cooking like many other food makers. It’s so easy that you might be tempted to discover your inner chef. 

My only con would be that it does make small portions. It makes about 3.5 cups worth of food which is a good amount for one child, but may be too small for multiple children. If you are only feeding one child, it’s the perfect size. 

My son has been ecstatic to start solids. He’s been dreaming about it for too long. It didn’t come as any surprise to me that he has loved every food that has come from the deluxe maker from the butternut squash to mashed bananas, he can’t get enough. What’s really come in handy for me is that the One Step Food Deluxe Food Maker doesn’t just create one vegetable pureed. I’ve made a combination puree consisting of peas, broccoli, and apples. Yes, a wild combination that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with by myself, but with help from the recipe book from Baby Brezza. The included recipe book is another win for this product as it instructs you exactly how long the puree’s or steamed food should cook in order for it to be the right texture for your infant. It hasn’t disappointed me once. 

One step further from the smooth and textured puree’s, I’ve been able to steam broccoli and cauliflower so that there’s a variety of ways to consume solids right off the bat. Therefore, consumers are able to steam, steam & blend, and blend only which is perfect for your growing baby whether its puree’s, mashed, or steamed sweet potato sticks, the One Step Deluxe Maker has multiple options. In addition to a recipe book that comes with the Deluxe Maker, customers will also receive three reusable food poachers and filling funnels. I’m dreaming of making homemade applesauce pouches and quick smoothies in the summertime. 

From purees to steamed vegetables – the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Deluxe Maker is one touch of a button away from starting solids with ease.

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