The BOSS RC-1 Loop Station makes guitar fun again

Anytime I want to record, I usually have to bust out my Audio Interface and create a bunch of space on my desk for equipment. Layering tracks with a DAW is a bit of a hassle unless you have room for a recording space in your home. I don’t always have that space. When I came across the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station, I just had to try it out, and BOSS was cool enough to let me.

The Build

BOSS makes some sick pedals. I am the proud owner of a few myself with my fav being the beautiful Over Drive option. I never have to worry about build quality or issues with sound because BOSS builds their equipment to last. This is why you see it on a host of experts pedal boards. This doesn’t change with the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station. The fire engine red color stands out, but not nearly as much as the amount of fun the station enables for players.

The Fun

The RC-1 Loop Station is the flagship looper pedal from BOSS. It is user-friendly and it has been around for a while. So what exactly does this stomp box do? It allows me to record, playback, overdub, and undo/redo loops. Ever wanted to play the chords to Sweet Child O’ Mine while practicing arguably the greatest ear worm riff of all time? Now you can. It’s as simple as getting the timing down. All I have to do is start playing, stomp the pedal when I want it to record and then stomp it again to create the loop. The loop continues to play right through the amp. In the meantime, I can then start overdubbing with another stomp creating several layers of music at once to play along to.

Admittedly, my twelve-year-old son is much better at guitar than I am. He may be better than you as well. Don’t believe me? Check this video of him here. The point is, it’s a blast to see him start tearing apart Led Zeppelin solos like the Rover right after recording the chords. As a Greta Van Fleet fan, he now layers his own creative options into songs allowing him to learn and express his own license into already amazing songs. All of this without the hassle of connecting to a computer and restarting tracks etc. This pedal is simply amazing.

So, what else does this pedal do? For starters, it has a 12-minute stereo recording time. With a bit of reading, it’s easy to figure out how to navigate the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station’s indicator. It consists of a 24-segment LED laid out in a circular pattern. This allows me to determine the status of what mode I’m in (Rec/Overdub/Play modes). It has the usual stereo in/out jacks allowing for use with additional effects and amps. Like most pedals, it can be used with a battery or AC Power daisy chained with other pedals.

Who is it for?

Perhaps the best part of the BOSS RC-1 Loop Station is that it is for ALL levels of guitar/bass players (or even synthesizers!). Believe me. I’m a stumbling guitar player who enjoys playing for fun, and this is the most fun and motivation I’ve had in a long time. It’s even more fun to watch a great player jam on this thing.

If you are someone who enjoys the guitar as a hobby this is for you. If you know someone who loves to jam – pick it up as a gift. That person will not be disappointed. This sucker delivers and is a great way to practice as if a band is playing right along with you.