Switch Lite: Nintendo’s new and improved DS will bring you back

Nintendo Switch Lite DS
Credit: Nintendo

As someone who’s always been very frugal when it comes to spending on myself and who holds a particular disdain for video games, I never would have pictured myself purchasing a personal gaming device. However, with COVID-19 cancelling plans left and right, turning the world upside down, I guess I had a change of heart. 

On a desperate search for entertainment, and with the sudden high demand for the new Nintendo Switch, I thought I’d try one out for myself — only I chose the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite for my gaming preferences.

Coming in at $200, the Switch Lite is a whole $100 less than the original Switch. Although it is only slightly smaller than the Switch, it doesn’t have removable joy-cons and can only run games that play in handheld mode. This was fine for me as I prefer to play up close and personal (actually I just hate wearing my glasses and can’t see the tv clearly without them). 

Its sleek design is perfect for on-the-go entertainment as it hardly takes up any space. One of my new favorite pastimes, now that the weather is nice, is packing up, heading to the park, and playing Switch in my hammock. It’s so great being outdoors, but I’m always careful to keep my Switch Lite clean and dry — it isn’t weather resistant in the slightest.

One of the biggest downfalls of this device is how susceptible it is to water damage. I set mine on the carpeted floor of my apartment (probably not the best idea) and a half-empty glass of water tipped over onto it. Immediately the screen went black and, although it was turning on and I could hear the game playing, the screen showed nothing. I put it in rice, shut it down, and only when I reset it did it turn back on. Even just a bit of spilled water, not even full submersion, caused the Switch Lite to lose functionality.

The Switch Lite holds its battery life pretty well (approximately five hours depending on what game you’re playing) and charges fully in about three hours with a standard USB-C charger. I haven’t had any trouble with my device running out of charge when I’m on the go. It holds its power and supports hours of playing time on the go or whenever you may want it. 

The only other gaming device I’ve ever really invested time in was the Nintendo DS in 2008. I’ve found that the Switch Lite is somewhat of an enhanced version of the DS which I’ve really enjoyed. It has the familiar simple controls with only a few added physical control features like two analog sticks on either side of the screen. It’s also a much better design and far more functional than the now 16-year-old DS. Nothing like a reintroduction to Animal Crossing to take me down memory lane. 

Overall, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great gaming device for those who enjoy playing on their own in handheld mode. It is quite spendy for its size but, with an astounding list of over 2,000 playable games, it allows for hours of endless playtime that can hardly get old. It is very susceptible to water damage, but keeping it in a safe dry space is a great way to protect it and ensure that your next gaming experience is satisfactory.

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