Reviewed: How the Apple iPhone 15 Pro changes everything

I first knew there was something different about the Apple iPhone 15 Pro when I took it out of the box. On our sister site (which has not fully launched yet) I had mentioned how the lightness of the phone is mesmerizing. I immediately handed the device to a few family members and asked them how it’s possible that the phone feels lighter.

Of course, it is partly the construction and partly that the phone actually is a bit lighter than the previous model. It’s 9% lighter, but feels half as light. How is that possible?

The answer is that the titanium construction is incredibly balanced. I know this just by holding the two phones at the same time. The iPhone 15 Pro “feels” lighter because of how it’s so balanced; the iPhone 14 Pro “feels” heavier. This is a simple law of physics: If you have ever held a piece of wood in the center, balancing it on one finger, you know how it works. When something is balanced it feels lighter, and that’s an impressive innovation.

This really changes the trajectory of all smartphones. Over the last few years as customers have asked for more capable cameras and advanced features, phones have been getting heavy and bulky in general. The iPhone 15 Pro changes that trend. This model is weighted and balanced, feels lighter, and technically is lighter. Here’s hoping these innovations continue.

So what else is there to love? I have to say, the camera now seems dramatically better, especially for creating a blurred background. We sometimes watch the lab mix of a family member named Koda, and we took her out to a park near our house. She wouldn’t sit still, but I did manage to snap a few photos and adjusted the aperture depth so that the background was blurred. Honestly, I’ve used high-end digital cameras that have not been as capable in this regard. Apple says it is like having seven different lenses, and that seems about right to me.

This is also a nimble, powerful phone. I wanted to test the new A17 chip so I loaded up some apps I don’t even normally use, including one called Loom that can record your screen and make a video. Everything seems faster and more spritely on the iPhone 15 Pro to the extent that I never even thought about managing the memory or which apps to use. 

So, about the two biggest changes. Let me speak to the back room here, the folks who don’t like major changes. I hear you, I am one of you! But I adjusted almost immediately to the new Action button where you click and hold to change from ring to silent. What’s this, though? You can customize the button to turn on the flashlight, record a voice memo, activate the camera, and more. That would not be as easy with the old toggle switch we all know and sort of love. (Honestly, did we love it or did we just not know any better? I think it might be the latter.)

Cue the sad violin music for the old Lightning port. I barely noticed! I tend to use wireless charge pads at home and in the car, and the battery life of recent iPhone models is so great I really don’t need a cable for charging anymore. I just drop the phone on a pad in my kitchen (because — having a phone by the bed means less sleep) and ignore it. I now strongly prefer the USB-C port since it works with all of the other cables I own. Say hello to universal charging.

Are there any gripes this time around? I don’t have any. The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is faster than ever, with a better camera that lets you control depth and blur effects. The Action button is super handy and works better than the switch. And, USB-C charging is finally here.

Overall, these features add up to “must upgrade” status, which has not always been true of smartphone models. I’m a fan of the new innovations. Kudos on this one, Apple!

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