There are pros and cons to working from home. Pro – I get to see my kids more often and am present for them. There is a savings on gas, and I have my own “space” for getting work done. I know there are dozens more, but these are the main ones. The biggest con? I am more available to work than ever and spend WAY more time sitting and working than if I was in the office. In the office, I stroll around, get to see how things are going with employees face to face etc. I knew it was time to change things up and get on my feet more to help my brain activate. Thankfully, X-Chair helps me out here with their fantastic adjustable Standing Desk


I’ve been wanting to try a standing desk ever since I saw them in action while working for Amazon. Standing desks were a bit trendy then, but studies show getting on your feet actually helps activate your brain for better work. However, I didn’t just want a standing desk because sometimes I just need to sit down. I need something that allows me to adjust on the fly, and this is why the X-Chair Standing Desk is so great.

It comes with a solid metal frame capable of holding up to 220lbs, and putting it together is as simple as attaching the legs and flipping it over. I did need some help turning it over as the desk sent to me is a bit bigger at 27″x54″ and about 78lbs. However, once flipped I can feel the quality of the desk is so much better than that of the cheap Amazon knock off options.

For starters, the top of the desk isn’t just crappy painted plywood or compressed sawdust. However, it isn’t solid wood either. X-Chair finds a happy medium to keep prices reasonable. The desk is made up of three “durable” powder coated metal finishes and six laminates. I can instantly tell it will hold up to a lot more than my previous desk. X-Chair even offers a 10-year warranty on the Standing Desk. As long as I take care of the desk, I see no reason why it won’t last longer than that. I will still always choose to move it by holding the metal frame as opposed to the top. As mentioned, it isn’t a solid wood, so I trust the frame more than the top.


So how much can fit on a 27″x54″ desk? Quite a bit actually. I have a monitor mount that fits perfectly on the back edge and holds three monitors. The outside monitors are tilted in towards the center, and they really don’t overlap the edges or look awkward at all. I have a full-size keyboard and mouse, bookshelf speakers, and a laptop sitting underneath the left monitor. This still allows me to keep a legal pad and pen to the right of my keyboard and mouse as well. It’s an awesome setup, and arguably the perfect amount of space for me. Keep in mind you may not get as much space out of it if your monitor(s) are just on a stand. This is the largest size offered, but if you are in need of less or different, X-Chair Standing Desk comes in smaller sizes, shapes, and colors as well.

X-Chair also includes a small hook for hanging a headset, however even with the 3M tape, mine falls frequently. In future iterations, I think this should be screwed in to ensure it keeps precious accessories safe.


The best part about the X-Chair Standing desk is its overall versatility. It allows me to sit and stand while keeping my posture ergonomic. My feet can now sit flat on the floor and my legs aren’t in an uncomfortable place. When it’s time to stand up, I simply hold the up arrow on the included controls and set the desk at my desired height. A digital readout displays how many inches off the floor the setting is for future knowledge.

What’s even better is there are four re-recordable memory slots for quick access. I can set my optimal height to any of these slots for on-the-fly adjustments that will be accurate every time. If 29.9 inches is the best sitting height for me, I can save it to slot 1 and press 1 any time to make the desk go that height. Obviously, the same goes for any other heights I store into the other numeric options.


I wish the desk had a PC mounting option. When moving the desk up and down, cords need lots of give in order to stay in place. I find I need to be very careful not to yank or stretch them too far and cause something to break. It’s never good to have a cable rip out of the back of your expensive PC.

Additionally, some may not care for is the lack of a back cover to the desk. With all of the electronics on my desk, cords abound. In fact, they drape all over the rear and make for an unsightly mess. I also like to keep my desk facing out into the room not up against a wall. This makes it even more challenging to hide cables. Thankfully, X-Chair also offers a Cable Manager for another $44.

It’s as simple as screwing it into the bottom of the desk and it does a decent job hiding the cables. That being said, it’s a bit flimsier than I’d have hoped, but I do have quite a bit sitting in it (including a power strip). Ultimately, I still feel the need to get some type of a cover for the back of the desk to help hide these cables from the view of the room. The cable manager works best to hide the nasty cords if the desk is placed against a wall.


The X-Chair Standing Desk is a great option for those who need to move. I can’t tell you the number of times the desk has been utilized. It has been my favorite option to test for my home office as of late. The desk, with a sturdy metal frame and quality finishes, offers functionality with ample space for monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Its standout feature is versatility, allowing for ergonomic adjustments with re-recordable memory slots for quick and accurate height changes. Despite the need for cable management solutions, the X-Chair Standing Desk proves to be a valuable choice for those seeking a dynamic and adaptable home office setup.