The New Unparalleled Shark NeverChange Air Purifier MAX

You don’t need to be a news junkie to know that air quality is a concern for many, even in the home. This prevalent concern is leading many to add an air purifier in their house. Which then requires an endless need for filters and other maintenance. Not with the Shark NeverChange Air Purifier Max. The NeverChange Air Purifer MAX boasts a 1400 sq. ft. capacity built with a HEPA filter that has 10x the life of other filters. This means the NeverChange Air Purifer MAX doesn’t need a filter replacement for up to five years!

In the Box:

The NeverChange Air Purifier MAX comes as an already assembled unit. I simply pull it out from the box and remove some wrapping and packaging to set it up. The directions are clear and guide me step by step to get the filter and other pieces in place. After that, I just need to plug it in and I’m on my way to cleaner air.

In addition to the NeverChange Air Purifier MAX base, it comes with a few extras. In the box I find an Odor Neutralizer Technology Cartridge and a Debris Defense Washable Filter. Also included is the NeverChange HEPA filter, which actually exceeds HEPA standards capturing even more micropollutants than required.


Initially, I set the Shark NeverChange Air Purifer MAX up in my boy’s room. Let’s just say I’m pretty curious about the effectiveness of the Odor Neutralizer Technology Cartridge. The cartridge (replacements sold separately) sits in the top of the filter unit and is adjustable. I simply twist the handle counter clockwise to increase the setting. The mount for the cartridge clicks for each incremental increase as well as tracks the increases with a printed marking label. This way I can feel, hear, and see exactly the amount of the Odor Neutralizing I set.  

Once the NeverChange Air Purifer MAX is plugged in the digital display lights up and gives me several touch sensitive options. I can adjust the fan speed, change the display brightness, and scroll through informational readings. It is even programable to run for various periods of time. The NeverChange Air Purifer MAX also has an auto feature which automatically adjusts its filtration speed based on the air quality. One of the most helpful displays is the side display which shows a real-time air quality reading. The first reading is in the low 90’s, but after just a few minutes in the room it is up to 100 and already smelling fresher.

Other Uses:

After a stretch in the boy’s room, we suddenly have a new need for the NeverChange Air Purifer MAX. The master bedroom shower pipes begin leaking. Before you know it, I’m cutting a hole in the sheetrock of the adjoining wall to my bedroom and pulling out soggy insulation and discovering waterlogged 2×4’s letting me know this leak has been going on longer than we’d suspected.

I quickly grab the NeverChange Air Purifer MAX and plug it in near the newly opened hole in my wall. As I remove wet insulation filling and slightly moldy/mildew drywall I’m grateful to know it is rapidly purifying the air around me. The Debris Defense Protection (Washable) Filter means I don’t have to worry about oversized particles building up on the HEPA filter. Additionally, the Odor Neutralizer cartridge quickly helps restore the room to a refreshing and pleasant scent.


The Shark NeverChange Air Purifer MAX is a simple, yet sophisticated air purifier. The virtually maintenance free design is a huge win. The filter savings alone means the NeverChange Air Purifer MAX almost pays for itself over five years compared to other similar products. With the Clean Sense IQ automatic adjustment, filtering 1400 sq. ft. per hour, and fresh smelling Odor Neutralizer Technology – the Shark NeverChange Air Purifer MAX has all the features a home and homeowner could want!

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