Two new gadgets from Kenmore have my home squeaky clean

We like to keep things clean in our home – sometimes it feels obsessive. Our floors are vacuumed (sometimes more than once), mopped, and bathrooms scrubbed raw pretty much on a daily basis. With three boys trouncing around the house, it takes a lot of work to ensure things stay clean, and though I desire hardwood floors, I still have carpet in a few rooms. The amount of dust and dirt carpet collects is unbelievable, and there are a few dirt stains that I’ve anxiously scrubbed by hand to no avail. In order to assist with keeping things clean, I’ve introduced two new devices from Kenmore into my living space.

The Kenmore 1200e Air Purifier

We have five people living in our home – seven if you count the cats. I’ve always been curious what the air quality is like, were I to test it. The Kenmore 1200e sits in the corner and tells me all about it. Okay, not verbally, but once set up, a brilliant info screen displays exactly what the air quality conditions are. Thankfully, the initial numbers that pop for me are pretty low and in the “very good” range. It doesn’t stay this way though as it doesn’t take long for me to burn a bit of bacon in my oven.

I peek over at my Air Purifier and see the number skyrocket from 6 to 72. The fan kicks on with a vengeance, and for the next half hour, I observe the device work to slowly clean things up. The air clears up quite nicely and efficiently. I’m now highly considering moving this into my family room where I occasionally get a bit of smoke out of the front of my woodburning stove. The Kenmore 1200e cleans up effectively removes a wide range of airborne particles, such as smoke, dust, allergens, and even pet dander. Perhaps, I should put one near the litterbox.

The cleaning capabilities stem from its SilentClean HEPA technology, and it really is noticeable. I was able to test this by simply keeping the device running fresh in an undisrupted environment. The filtering reduced the air quality from seven to three (very good quality according to Kenmore) in a matter of hours. This is due to a 3-step filtration process Kenmore includes to help reduce particles down to 0.3 microns.

It’s sleek (smaller than most), efficient (Energy Star-Certified), and the device is so easy to use that setup isn’t worth discussing in the article – it’s just so naturally intuitive anyone can set it up. If you are on the fence about one of these, know I’m wholly satisfied having this in my home. I plan to make one of these a mainstay as it covers up to 1200 square feet and barely takes up any real estate. If this isn’t enough coverage, Kenmore sells a 2300 square foot model as well! Goodbye airborne nasties, hello fresh air.

Kenmore SpotLite Portable Carpet Spot and Pet Stain cleaner Vac

Second on my list is the Kenmore Portable Stain Remover. For years I’ve been wanting to attack some spots on the carpet left from prior owners, and now I finally have the chance. The portability of this Kenmore Vac is truly what makes it stand out. I’ve now tested the device on my carpets, furniture upholstery, and even the floor mats of my vehicle.

It’s no wonder these specific areas need cleaning. I live in Minnesota where harsh winters cause massive amounts of buildup on boots that track in terrible gunk. Even though my kids shouldn’t wear their shoes in the house, they inevitably sneak through on occasion causing some of that gunk to hit my floors. Don’t get me started on the car. It’s unavoidable.

Therefore, when I get the chance to clean up with technology that actually works to make carpets look practically new again, I’m going to brag about the process. Unlike the air purifier, the Kenmore SpotLite does take a bit of setup. Thankfully, great instructions keep it overall pretty simple. I simply add water and some cleaning solution to the tank (two different amounts depending on the size of the job), plug it in, spray my spot, let it set for a bit, scrub it out and vacuum it up. I can see the dirt and debris collect in the dirty water tank as my spot literally disappears.

Spots are much easier to remove if they are more recent. For example, there are some unfortunate blue stains due to dropped birthday cupcakes (over a year ago), and I can only get the dye to fade. It’s definitely better than prior to using the SpotLite, but the vac couldn’t quite eliminate the stain altogether. My car on the other hand looks great.

I feel so much more peace of mind knowing I don’t have to run and rent a Rug Doctor if something gets on my carpets. It is so easy to get into tough to reach places because of its long hose and power cord. My cars can now look immaculate (at least when I take the time to clean them), my carpet is fresh, and I can even clean up some visible dirt on light upholstery.

Both the Kenmore 1200E Air Purifier and the SpotLite stain removing vacuum have proved to be a great value. You can get either for under $200. If cleanliness gives you the peace mind it gives my wife and I, then they are definitely worth checking out.